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6. The future of workspaces – interview with Louis LhoestReporter: Cosmin Caciuc   17. Editor’s: Starchitecture and modernity in collective momentsText: Cosmin Caciuc   20. Dico & Ţigănaș Birou de Proiectare: Urban Box >  The new multifunctional sports hall in Cluj is not an isolated object but part of a public core in the central […]

21. Editor’s: The little contry house as an Etichal Issue Text: Ștefan Ghenciulescu “For an intellectual, building a new home in the countryside is a moral failure”   22. Dossier: Chile, a new generation > An optimistic panorama towards the future of Chilean architecture: José Luis Uribe Ortiz, Hector Labarca Rocco, Ricardo Torrejón Schellhorn, Constanza […]

17. Editor’s: Abusive Fantasies Text: Cosmin CaciucA TV commercial spot reproduces a recording by Constantin Brancusi, with intense and moving big words, about his own destiny and art. Only it is not Brancusi. This is not a recording. These are not even the sculptor’s words. It’s a perfect and troubling forgery in form and content, […]

21. Editor’s: How to fix a community?Text: Cosmin Caciuc 24  ADNBA: The New Urban Villa in the Old Garden City> ADNBA’s apartment building is an elegant addition to one of the most beautful neigh¬borhoods in Bucharest; it appears in the same time heavy and light, monumental and open, tectonic and stereotomic. 40 Dacra Studio: Completion […]

15. Editor’s: Please, open the window Text: Ștefan Ghenciulescu 18. Bogdan Gyemant-SelinExposed and sustainable concreteCenter for children activities. An exposed concrete house right next to Bucharest North railway station offers a new vision of building cultureText: Cosmin Caciuc 28. Incuboxx TimişoaraIT&C Business Incubator Text: Anda Alexandra Maier 33. Andreescu & Gaivoronschi: Pedestrian space, City Business […]

16 Modulab: The secret school of technomagic> Modular educational space for art, technology and collaboration  Text: Ioana Calen 21 Editor’s: Plastic, plastic, plastic!Text: Cosmin Caciuc 22  ADN Architecture: The Joy of Living in the City>  Apartament block on Dogarilor Street, Bucharest: the product of a typological research of community dwelling, a lesson of civilized densification […]

21. Editor’s: (Small) Epic HeroesText: Ștefan Ghenciulescu 22.  b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos: Democratic Reinvention – the New Mercat del Encants >  B720 proposed for remaking a centenarian informal market¬place in Barcelona not a building, but a canopy hovering above a public space made of a series of ramps connecting the various street levels. Text: Jean […]

12. Sane Architecture + Museum for Underwater Antiquities in Atena. 13.  Pictogram: PERI5COPE: [AC-CA] Architectural Competition [DUBAI] Architecture School Tower   17. Editor’s: Eat, drink and chew stereotypesText: Cosmin Caciuc 19.  Chartier-Dalix & Avenier-Cornejo: Massif and Faults>  Superdense dwelling ensemble with a complex program in Paris 26. Álvaro Siza Vieira & Juan Domingo Santos: New […]

19 Editor’s: Towards smart, non-antagonistic, inclusivist and reflexive cities Text: Cosmin Caciuc 20 DOSSIER: Contemporary Norwegian Architecture II> 4 works relating to social aspects and small scale interventions: TYIN tegnestue Architects, Haugen / Zohar Arkitekter, Brendeland & Kristoffersen arkitekter & studenți de la NTNU, Atelier Oslo 22 TYIN tegnestue Architects: Roof Near the Forest of […]

15 Editor’s: Grand public projects and a smaller but better oneText: Ștefan Ghenciulescu 16 DOSSIER: Contemporary Norwegian Architecture I> 3 works relating to housing and sensitivity towards natural or urban sites    16 Intro    Text: Cosmin Caciuc 17  Jensen & Skodvin Architects: Boxes between Birches: Juvet Landscape Hotel   22  3RW Arkitekter: Accommodation for 1000 Students […]

23 Editor’s: We are looking for small ideas with big stakes in design, architecture and the city.Text: Cosmin Caciuc 24 Enota: Activated Present and Uncovered History> Ptuj performance center in Slovenia     32 Claudiu Ionescu: Green Condenser > The first permanent digital museum in Romania Text: Ioana Zacharias Vultur   36 Roldán + Berengué: A […]