Dossier Zeppelin #164: “Ideal & Material”

Dossier coordinators: Ștefan Ghenciulescu, Cătălina Frâncu Intro A first split into categories for this file sounds a bit like an index of materials – recomposed wood, glass and polycarbonate, metal, concrete, special textiles, and of technologies – 3D moulds, lamination, gas and heat recovery, smart buildings

Edito: Creangă’s Plan

This plan really moved us. Not only because it is novel (at least, we could not find it elsewhere), but also because the drawing does not belong to Horia Creangă[1], the Modernist hero of romanian architecture, but it traces the house of his grandfather, Ion Creangă – the hero of romanian literature.

Citrus Studio: L House

An L shaped house with hidden pockets and green perspectives – extroverted, transparent, it opens itself to nature: from the courtyard, an exhibition of spaces, solid and void among which one may feel like hiding; from the street an elegant object, quite different from its built context, whose effervescence often generates a stop, inviting people […]

Corvin Cristian Studio: La Gloire apartment building, Varșovia 6 – Bucharest

This is one of the most coveted areas in Bucharest: north from the central ring, there is a chain of the perfectly structured luxurious garden-neighbourhoods, with the beautiful villas and blocks of flats of the interwar elite.

Article of the week> ADNBA - Millo Offices, Bucharest

ADN BA: Millo Offices, Bucharest

A precious place … and a complicated one. Around the Calea Victoriei area, between the Revoluției Square and the Elisabeta Boulevard, most historical streets are overlapping, from the sinuous, typically Balkan route of Calea Victoriei and the wonderful Kretzulescu church, to the eclecticism of late 19th-century public buildings and houses and then to the flamboyant […]

Article of the week: Wood is for Apartment Buildings. MARS Architects - An environmentally conscious apartment block in Paris

Wood is for Apartment Buildings. MARS Architects: An environmentally conscious apartment block in Paris

The project makes it possible to completely renew the site, and on a more global level, to think about collective housing and the environmental approach to it. Both employed on this plot to create a new urban pattern that may generate of good quality and sustainable development.

ASTRA VR by Zeppelin Design: Making the most out of traditional heritage through multimedia technologies

ASTRA VR by Zeppelin Design: Making the most out of traditional heritage through multimedia technologies

ASTRA VR is a museum project which uses VR technology, sound installations, and cartoons to make traditional culture heritage much more accessible. ASTRA Museum of Traditional Folk Civilization undertook to innovate its means of expression and to come closer to a new generation of visitors.

Dossier Zeppelin #163: “Modernism. Continued”

Dossier Zeppelin #163: “Modernism. Continued”

Introduction Text: Ștefan Ghenciulescu As you probably know, the “Roșia Montană” natural and cultural site was included on this year’s UNESCO’s World Heritage list. This is, of course, a tremendous joy, the result of fierce battle which was fought, in varying proportions, by hundreds of thousands. But this is not what I want to talk […]

Editorial: 20 years. And on

Text: Ștefan Ghenciulescu Twenty years ago, I officially started my work in this magazine’s management team. Well, it had a different name back then, and had a different status, but it was still an independent publication. When I say management team, I burst a bit into laughing, because that team was also the editorial team, […]

The Wooden Church of Urși Village. A microhistory of restoration within the local community (2009-2020). Laureate project for the European Heritage Awards 2021

The conservation project for the cemetery church of Ursi Village, Vâlcea County, Romania, represents an exemplary case study (rural acupuncture practice) for a specific larger group of wooden churches included in this 60 Wooden Churches programme, designed in 2009 and coordinated by the Pro Patrimonio Foundation.

Prefab Story. FAR Architects: Wohnregal (Dwelling shelf), Berlin

The “Wohnregal”( “Dwelling shelf)” is a 6-story building in Berlin housing ateliers with integratd dwelling. Text: FAR Photography: David von Becker, Tobias Wootton

The Romanian Museum of Collectivization. Ioachim’s house

We are living in post-Communism in Romania, that is, in a country still defining itself by its relationship to its Communist past. After a long tradition of invented mythologies and counterfeit identities, we are searching for real history. In order for it to exist, we need witnesses and memories to acknowledge, even when shameful. And […]

George Enescu’s house in Mihăileni.  Campaign journal for architecture and community, stage 1

An almost collapsed house. Volonteers. Real restauration instead of the easier reconstruction. The fragile house becomes a means for a bottom-up cultural program and a hope for the local community text authors: Mirela Duculescu, Andreea Machidon, Raluca Munteanu, Raluca Știrbăț, Șerban Sturdza photo: Camil Iamandescu, Raluca Munteanu, Șerban Sturdza, Pro Patrimonio   *George Enescu House, […]

Article of the week: ADN BA - Calderon 80 Residence

ADN BA: Calderon 80 Residence

ADN BA have had the opportunity to insert small buildings in sensitive urban areas before, but that has usually happened in the garden districts in the north side of Bucharest. In this case, the context has an older history, being part of the extended historical centre, more eclectic (a mixture of buildings of all styles […]

Article of the week: Taming. Melon Design Studio: Remodelling a young housing block in Bucharest

Taming. Melon Design Studio: Remodelling a young housing block in Bucharest

In what follows we will talk about a example of reconditioning and re-use of an existing dwelling space. The importance of such a project cannot be stressed enough, no matter how much is written about the subject. We live in a highly built world which constantly presents us with the opportunity to reinvest buildings with […]

Europa Nostra applauds the decision for the inscription of Rosia Montana mining landscape on the World Heritage List and on the List of World Heritage in Danger

On 27 July, during the 44th extended session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, the Rosia Montana mining landscape was inscribed simultaneously on the World Heritage List and on the List of World Heritage in Danger. On this occasion, Sneška Quaedvlieg – Mihailovic, Secretary General of Europa Nostra, delivered a powerful statement, strongly applauding this […]