Exhibition design

Lost museums. An exhibition

Over 110 museums are now disappearing because the previously nationalized buildings are given back to their rightful owners. Local administrations, which have the right to buy them back, are not interested or have no funding. Thus, essential urban public places vanish, and sometimes incredible collections will com­pletely disappear. A recent exhibition and installation at the Museum of the Romanian Peasant was meant to raise awareness about this shameful development.

Urban activation in Romania

This selection suggests 14 effective models of recovery of abandoned spaces, the identity of a place, certain techniques and good practice, ways of dealing with our environment promoting thus a culture of urban civic activism. The exhibition brings together the energies, experience, memories, questions and perspectives of people understanding that the fate of the place they live in is up to them.

Old Houses Anew, Design and Something More

An exhibition about the reactivation of the Romanian architectural heritage.

This exhibition is based on a selection of 20 contemporary interventions to listed buildings. We have not chosen restorations of huge value monuments (where the interventions should be invisible anyway), but operations that breathed new life into old, fragile sites. Respectful repairs, but also infusions of new functions, strategies, community actions, added value for that particular location.

Urban Activations in Romania

An exhibition and a catalogue with 14 projects that have their first concrete achievements in the creation of public space, heritage protection, creating centers of independent cultural and social projects.