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  Editorial: Creangă’s Plan Text: Ştefan GhenciulescuThe plan on the adjoining page really moved us. Not only because it is novel (at least, we could not find it elsewhere), but also because the drawing does not belong to Horia Creangă1, the Modernist hero, but it traces the house of his grandfather, Ion Creangă. Belongs is […]

Editorial: 20 years. And on Text: Ştefan Ghenciulescu Twenty years ago, I officially started my work in this magazine’s management team.Well, it had a different name back then, and had a different status, but it was still an independent publication. When I say management team, I burst a bit into laughing, because that team was […]

Editorial: 37 meters and 20 centimeters Text: Mugur Grosu Photo: Alexandru Oglindă Six Frenchmen get off the plane and start following a bunch of football fans, thinking they will lead them to the stadium. They reach a pub in the old town where the others start drinking. A couple of beers later they realize that […]

  Edito: They cleaned it up Text: Ştefan Ghenciulescu In Romanian society, one of the most common (and terrible) value confusions is, I believe, the one between beautiful, new or in good condition, on the one hand, vs. ugly, old, in poor condition, on the other. And it primarily shows when talking about architecture and […]