Interior design

Visiting a Clever, Cheerful Man. The “Anton Pann” Memorial House in Bucharest

Project: Zeppelin
Text: Constantin Goagea
Photo: Andrei Mărgulescu

Old Bucharest remains visible to this day in the irregularity of many streets and in the architectural typology of some houses. Next to the Stelian-Lucaci church, somewhere close to Calea Călărași, there lies one of those pieces of town where one can still find, in the path of streets and property limits, the 19th-century specific urban model

Cat Music

Project team: Zeppelin

Architects: Constantin Goagea, Anastasia David, Bogdan Petru Pana, Stefan Ghenciulescu, Adrian Dobre.

Interior finishes: Habitual

Furniture and woodwork: Acant Design

Decorative plaster: Baumit

Photo: Cosmin Dragomir

The new Fire Pub

Project, text: Constantin Goagea, Adrian Dobre, Ștefan Ghenciulescu.
Photo: Cosmin Dragomir

We flirted with rock culture in our youth, considering it’s smart, sophisticated, and wild enough to satisfy our young egos full of crazy ideas. We started this adventure to design Fire Club in the best possible way, we allowed ourselves to drink more beers than usual during work hours, truly for professional reasons. Fire is an oldie but goldie, from back when Lipscani wasn’t the place full of cliché and excessive crowds it is now.