About the magazine


Zeppelin is a benchmark publication about architecture, design and urban culture, Romania-based but with an international format and opening.


We like to believe that Zeppelin is a serious and spectacular magazine. Our position is both enthusiastic and critical. Our readers receive a careful and rigorous selection of works from the country and from abroad, original analytical texts, spectacular images, surveys, reports and reviews, plans and technical information.

We like smart new technologies and visions, but also tradition carried on creatively. We believe that you can be at the same time cool and responsible, connected to the world, open minded and anchored in a local culture, that heritage is a resource for modernity and that sustainability and social involvement are not just slogans and standards.


We admit, we are proud that most of the young generation of Romanian architects were first published in our magazine and that the publications of team Zeppelin received six awards and seven nominations at the National Architecture Biennale and Architecture Annual in Bucharest.


Format. New phase – Zeppelin Bookazine.

We began to publish the magazine in 2000. It goes under this name since 2011.

In 2016 we launched a new format consisting of two main tools: e-zeppelin, online platform for architecture and design, and a magazine that is actually a regular album – a new publication for a new world.

Despite the prophecies in recent years, the print did not die. Internet is good and fast, but you can miss important things, and even it cannot have it all. Across the world, people are asking (again) for major print publications containing massive and carefully analysed content, and available in the longer term, showing what remains beyond the immediate moment. We need real, beautiful objects, with carefully prepared content and design.


So we came up with a bookazine format, a complex formula that combines the dynamic nature of the magazine (issued periodically, clearly structured headings, topical subjects) with the generous album attributes (large number of pages and size, top quality paper, printing and bookbinding).

We would like to thank our loyal readers who always challenge us to be on top.


Technical data:

Size: 220 x 280 mm.

Number of Pages: 200

Issues: 4 / year in March, June, September, December

Texts: Romanian, English (full translation or summary)

Number of copies: 2000