Public design

Marinache Houses, Călăraşi

Design: Structural rehabilitation and restoration of the Headquarters of the District Office for Culture and National Heritage (D.C.P.N. jud. Călăraşi)

The genuine public character, the preservation of the historical substance, the refusal of the pastiche and a system of minimal interventions defined the restoration of a heritage building in Călărași.

The Tower inside the Tower, Braşov

A soft and fully reversible, invisible from the outside intervention highlights the Drapers’ Bastion in Brasov and creates a complex interior space and a new relationship of the compound with the city.

Authors of the new building: Radu Enescu, Constantin Goagea, Ada Demetriu, Vitalie Cataraga, Justin Baroncea
Rrestauration of the tower: Marina Iliescu, Radu enescu, Justin Baroncea