022. Edito: Machinery and melancholy

Text/photo: Ștefan Ghenciulescu

024. DOSSIER: At the Office

026. Intro – Activity based working

  • 032. Urban Fabric and Pixels

          OMA: Timmerhuis, Rotterdam

  • 046. More than Facelifting

           AZC reinvented two French office buildings

  • 054. Industrial Spaces Become Offices

          Liberty Technology Park, Cluj, second stage

  • 058. Thousands of Square Meters, Small Places, Culture in the Office, Squares and Streets Instead of Just Objects

          Interview with Vlad Gaivoronschi & Ioan Andreescu

  • 064. Protection, Transparency, Prestige

          Interview with Adrian Spirescu

  • 070. Mix, Culture, Balance, Compensation, and Added Urban and Cultural Value

          Interview with Dorin Ștefan

  • 078. Good Old and Strong Neutrality

          LAN: 40 housing units in Paris

  • 088. Open Office: Republic of Architects
  • 094. Herman Miller – design trip
  • 098. If We Architects Really Want to Change the City, We Have to…

102. ZOOM

  • 104. Catastrophy, Abandonment, a New Life

          Blaj Cultural Palace Refurbishment

  • 120. Living Within Nature

          Inverted House, Hokkaido

  • 128. Switch House vs Schaudepot | Tate vs Vitra

          Looking at two recent Herzog & de Meuron works

  • 144. The New/Old National History Museum

          The winning project in the international competition

  • 154. A House for Memories

          Or how to transmute architecture out of very banal things

  • 163. Molded on the Ground

          Villa Blabär, near Stockholm

  • 166. Stupet

          Refugium by a staircase

  • 170. In, Above, Along the Water

          Müritzeum Nature Discovery Center, Waren


  • 178. Arhipera 2016

          A house and a park

  • 184. Mayor for 10 Minutes

          A participatory action

primar pt. 10 minute

  • 194. Richard Scott’s Bucharest

         TILT Exhibition. An Oblique View from Elsewhere

Edito: I am not from around here. I’m a stranger. An Ausländer.

Text & photo: Mugur Grosu

I am one of those people who, although having lived here for so many years, never feels quite at home. Whenever I meet people like me, we joke saying we’re Constanța’s diaspora in Bucharest. It’s like in our veins flows a fundamentally different thing — a morose cocktail pounding adversely, in which the sickness of the golden fleece seekers collides with acute sense of exile, left by the shadow of Ovid at Tomis—which has remained, basically, the same barbaric land.

Edito: Maybe Chickens, Maybe Seaside, but Surely Internet. And Let’s Not Forget: Design.

Text: Constantin Goagea

We always believed that office space and all its contemporary design has been and always will be absolutely incompatible with the great outdoors. It was either one or the other. Because when we think of nature, we think of leaves, grass and bugs, rain and mud (not potted plants and not office flowers lit with some super lamp, or even worse, some plastic print hanging on the plaster wall).

September - November 2016