Magazine #120

23 Editor’s: We are looking for small ideas with big stakes in design, architecture and the city.
Text: Cosmin Caciuc

24 Enota: Activated Present and Uncovered History
> Ptuj performance center in Slovenia

ENOTA arhitekti



32 Claudiu Ionescu: Green Condenser
> The first permanent digital museum in Romania
Text: Ioana Zacharias Vultur

32 03_B_R


36 Roldán + Berengué: A vertical square
> The Catalan Institute of Economists of Barcelona

36 03_B_Z 04 OPCION 1


42 Corporate Office Solutions: WorkLab
> The next step in the Open Space concept

42 _IMG_1832


44 Attila Kim: Design for Creative Communities
> Another kind of innovation and technology fair at the Romanian National Library
Text: Ștefan Ghenciulescu

48 Gaëtan Le Penhuel Architectes: Alone and Together
> Social dwellings in Carrières sous Poissy, France
Text: Corina Laza

LE PENHUEL architectes - logements - poissy sous carrieres - 2013


51 Urban Report

52 Creative Factories: New Life in an Old Coat
> Former factories that triggers curiosity and excitement
Text: Meta van Drunen

54 Canvas Workshop, a Sustainable Development Puzzle
> An artful initiative based on social fairness

54 REZERVA_poza 1 (6x4)


56 Culture within the District
> Changing Bucharest, starting with the Pantelimon district
Text: Ștefan Ghenciulescu

56 DSC_0199

62 Roșia Montană: Reconquering the city
Text: Ștefan Ghenciulescu


64 Symbiomorphogenesis – About People and Technology
> Open source and collaborative working methodologies
Text: Ioana Calen



68 IDZ arhitectură: ROBO_CRAFT. About architects and robots
> Industrial robots may be involved in architecture
Text: Ionuț Anton, Dana Tănase

roll up 60x160


69 Connected

70 Sitra Finnish Innovation Fund: Brickstarter
> A web service prototype, catalyst for discussing urban projects
Text: Andreea Vrabie

72 Smart Systems: Zeppelin Evenings #50
> Miguel Roldan, Juan Trias de Bes, Mihai Streza, Matthew Claudel, Nerea Calvillo, Dorin Ștefan
Text: Cosmina Goagea

78 IBA Hamburg 2013
> The German constructions expo highlights the newest technologies in a social and sustainable direction
             78 Intro: Cosmin Caciuc

             80 BeL Sozietät für Architektur BDA: Basic Building and Do-It-Yourself Builders

IBA, Grundbau und Siedler


             82 HHS Planer + Architekten: Energy Bunker



            86 SPLITTERWERK, Arup, B+G Engineers; Immosolar: BIQ – The Algae House – The Clever Treefrog

            88 Fusi & Ammann Architekten: Case Study #1

88 3A_Loftwohnung 6 (2)


         92 Ostermann Architekten: Velux Model Home 2020

92 4B-C REZERVA_velux_lah_ah_2773

We are looking for small ideas with big stakes in design, architecture and the city

Text: Cosmin Caciuc
Photo: Atelier Fabrik

I was reading a funny story: “A game that began with paper planes has received financing worth half a million dollars”. The project in question is called Power Up 3.0, developed by Shai Goitein and the TobyRich company, and it was financed with great enthusiasm by means of the Kickstarter platform: a smartphone app that can control any paper plane from a distance with the help of a tiny electromechanical device.

December - January 2014