zeppelin magazine | no #124


Zeppelin magazine #124

21. Editor’s: (Small) Epic Heroes
Text: Ștefan Ghenciulescu

edito Mici eroi de epopee - parcul vacaresti -foto Helmut Ignat

22.  b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos: Democratic Reinvention – the New Mercat del Encants
>  B720 proposed for remaking a centenarian informal market¬place in Barcelona not a building, but a canopy hovering above a public space made of a series of ramps connecting the various street levels.
Text: Jean Craiu

Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos  –  noua Piata Els Encants


31. Expo Milano 2015: The Ideas Competition for the Romanian Pavillion
>  The competition integrated architecture, the theme and the visual identity and showed both an increased interest in sustainability and a preference for tradition as a basic resource.

Expo Milano 2015 - pavilionul Romaniei - proiectul castigator - interior


  • 40. The white circle in the green

>  The Bakala Academy near Leuven

B_BOGDAN&VANBROECK-BakalaAcademy-byFrederikVercruysse (1)


  • 46. Residence, Brussels Free University

>  Accommodation for students, guest lecturers and athletes, but also a representative congress venue


  • 52. DICO & ȚIGĂNAȘ: For People and Machines

>  Robert Bosch Factory in Cluj

Fabrica Robert Bosch (12)

60. Atelier 25: Public Rural Buiding
>  Rehabilitation and extension, the Centre of Art in Kvilda, Czech Republic

Atelier 25 -Reabilitare si extindere - Centrul Artistic din Kvilda -Cehia

63. Atelier Hoffman: From Coal Mill to Creative Industries
>  Conversion of a former industrial building in the Czech Republic

Atelier Hoffman _libcice ext

67.  Zebra 3 & Point Zero: A House for a Business Community
>  Office building designed to house small entrepreneurs in the Northern Bucharest
Text: Toader Popescu

Zebra 3 & Point Zero

71. Urban Report

  • 72. Nature Park Văcăreşti

> Razed history, nature reclaiming an abandoned place, an increasing dense urban context. A collborative project is about to create a vast protected area in the southern part of Bucharest.  
Text: Save or Cancel – Cristina Popa, Andrei Racovițan

Parc Natural Vacaresti


  • 78. Shared Spaces in Divided Contexts, Cyprus

> The activities of Archis Interventions_CY are exemplary for the added value of architectural and urban research and interventions.  Territorial mapping and building restauration become tools for peace and cooperation
Text: Esra Can Akbil, Giorgos Psaltis

Cipru - Archis


85. Design & More

  • 86. BAC_JAPAN 2014

>  Workshop with Japanese students in the Barcelona Architecture Center
Text: Justin Baroncea, Jean Craiu


89. Connected

  • 90. Green Building Certification

> Auditing green buildings. Types of certifications. Advantages and benefits of green buildings
Text: Alexandra Stoica, BREEAM International Assesor

connected 1 -Liberty-Technology-Park

92. Altaeros Energies: Flying turbine
> Highest wind turbine ever deployed – demonstration test in Alaska


94. ecoLogicStudio, Carlo Ratti Associati, Cesare Griffa: Architectural Algae Systems
> 2 prototypes previewed as part an exhibition-event at Università degli Studi di Milano, linked by the conception of building integrated farming and urban agriculture: Urban Algae Canopy and Urban Algae Façade.

Urban Algae Canopy _ALGAETECTURE_

may 2014