Books and publications

Justin Baroncea: Rabbits and Satellites. Stories about upcycles and recompositions

A Zeppelin book about scrap design and micro-architecture: recycling, pop, economics, low-tech, neorealism and some poetics.

Volume nominated for the National Architecture Biennale 2016 – Architecture Publications

Inventing places. Practices and innovative projects in Romania

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Volume nominated for the Bucharest Architecture Annual Awards 2016 –  Architecture Books 

We go on a journey through trees that give energy, artificial organisms, invented materials, old factories that become centers of a new urban culture. New types of practice are changing architecture, design and cities in Romania. The context is difficult, the resources are ridiculously low. So what? You find your courage, do it yourself at a superior level, invent and, most importantly, you work with others.

Dwelling together. 6 apartment buildings by DNA BA

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This walk through Bucharest takes us to visit six places full of life, design and poetry. We discuss smart solutions, space, light, materials, interior design and details, hidden gardens or floating above the city, about homes and about places to socialize with your neighbours.

The buildings designed by ADN BA office on the streets Dogarilor, Măicănești, Petru Rareș, Mora, Aaron Florian and Occidentului are metropolitan insertions, places that seem familiar; they innovate and carry along the culture of dwelling; they celebrate personal expression, and provide a place for community building. These awarded projects or completely novel works are described in depth, not just from the architectural point of view. This is a book about people, who tell us about their homes and the way they live there.

Beyond the city.

A territorial sketch. Beyond the city and beyond cliches.

We propose a study which concentrates solely on the rural areas of Romania and is devised from a double perspective –focusing on architecture as well as on community.

Urban Report #4

Urban Report is a cross culture program bringing together theories and critical discourse on contemporary urban phenomena in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe. This project was initiated in 2010 by Zeppelin, with the help of the Romanian Cultural Institute, through Cantemir program. In 2011, Urban Report consisted of three publications, a website and three DVDs. In 2012 this project was continued and integrated into Zeppelin magazine, with the support of ERSTE Stiftung under the EE-lab program.

City. Money. Architecture. [DVD]

  1. Summary of the debate and the film of the marathon event. City. Money. Architecture.

An international debate and conference on architecture as a political act in an economy based on cultural values, attended by architects, expert city planners, practitioners experienced experienced in interventions in difficult contexts, city managers and government representatives, various urban policy specialists, economists, NGOs active in the field.