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Magazine #121

15 Editor’s: Grand public projects and a smaller but better one
Text: Ștefan Ghenciulescu


16 DOSSIER: Contemporary Norwegian Architecture I
> 3 works relating to housing and sensitivity towards natural or urban sites
    16 Intro
    Text: Cosmin Caciuc

  • 17  Jensen & Skodvin Architects: Boxes between Birches: Juvet Landscape Hotel

Jensen & Skodvin Architects -Cutiile dintre mesteceni – Juvet Landscape Hotel


  • 22  3RW Arkitekter: Accommodation for 1000 Students and Urban Dialogue: SIB Grønneviksøren

4B_Gronneviksoren_Courtyard Night seen from 8th floor_foto Cecilie Bannow


  • 28  Jarmund Vigsnæs Arkitekter: Summer House as a Traditional Rural Household

+45  20140048


32 Hoffmann-Janz  ZT GmbH + Baumarc: ProiectSkyTower
> This is not just the tallest building in Bucharest, but also also an example of intensive development that frees space for the city. The recent urban ensemble north o of the center has a remarkable urban potential.

Sky Tower 03_A_DSC_7215

38 Mânădelucru: The House on Two Streets
>  Block of flats placed in the center of Bucharest, in the historical urban fabric


44 DE3 grup: Regained Topography and Over-detailing
>  Winning house at the first edition of the Biennale of Architecture in Transylvania in 2013 in the Residential Architecture Section
Text: Cosmin Caciuc

topografie recastigata -premiul BATRA 2013

48 DOSAR: TDB Arquitectura –2 Houses
>  Technology being used in an intelligent and poetic way, and, most importantly, very discreetly in architecture. It is not the spectacular image, but the context, the needs of the dwelling and the constructive system (sometimes specifially invented for a project) which determine the architecture.

  • 48 House Calls. La Garriga. Barcelona

Text: Juan Trias de Bes & TDB-Arquitectura



  • 54 A Barn Converted into a Dwelling

Text: Juan Trias de Bes & TDB-Arquitectura


58 blipsz! Bungalows, Odorheiu Secuiesc
>  Expanding the accommodation capacity of an existing hostel with independent pavilions

01_A_blipsz_bungalouri_biro marton_6

60 Constantin Șelariu – ACS STUDIO: Rethinking and recovering. Arranging an old apartment in Timișoara

apartament Timisoara

64 Europan 12: 2 Winning Projects from Romania
> Cristian Panaite, Mircea Munteanu: Le Parc des Falaises, Marly
> Alexandru Cozma, Oana Simionescu, Roxana Pătrulescu, Bianca Ruxanda, Andra Jugănaru, Zsolt Gondos: Kristinehamn, Suedia. The Centre. The Path. The Field of Action




69 Urban Report

  • 70 ValDecor: Mignon –Versatile Theater Focusing on the Message

>  An independent cultural investment in a historical building in Bucharest
Text: Florentina Ciocanea,  Alia Bakutayan

ValDecor -Teatrul Mignon

73  Nicolae Milășan, Nagy András, Klaus Birthler: The Road from Volunteering to an Urban Project. Landscaping on Canalul Morii (Mill Canal), Reghin
> This is a perfect example of social architecture, of how to build projects and go from word to action for transforming of river Mureș in a public space axis.


76 A-KAMP47: Vertical Camping. Resistance through Social Architecture
Text: Andreea Vrabie

79 Design & More

  • 80 Atelier Fabrik: Booknote & Bumbata

> Old books recycled into very cool-looking agendas and an unconvention album

foto Cosmin Bumbut

85 Connected

  • 86 Arhimar: Liberty Technology Park.

> The most important and real operation of industrial conversion in Romania
Text: Constantin Goagea


94 Use at Your Own Risk
> Interactive Art Exhibition at Victoria Art Center

use at your own risk

96  Studio Roosegaarde: Innovative Crystals of Light
> Interactive light artwork and Van Gogh Bicycle Path in the Netherlands    

cristale luminoase si interactive

Editor’s: Grand public projects and a smaller but better one

Text: Stefan Ghenciulescu

Recent public architecture operations in Romania make me mad. For example, the project for the protection of the Roman ruins in the historic city of Alba Iulia is a revolting shack, with the roof shaped as an open book. It’s tenth rate architecture, but obviously living up to the expectations of the City Hall. This project stands out by its ridiculousness, but it actually expresses a process which is ongoing, despite the crisis: grand public operations made without a competition, without public consultation, without even a debate about the program or the relationship with the city; good intentions, I am sure, but a lot of missed opportunities.

february 2014