Housing design

Apartment P.I.

Under the context of the past few years which generated a number of unfinished buildings, this proposal seems a real treat, a necessary one to say the least . Taking the basis, the structure of someone else’s project and giving it substance, finality and maybe a new vision of space.

Interior design, BG apartment, Bucharest

An apartment from an interwar building.

We wanted to reinterpret some of the characteristic elements found in this apartment: wood finishes, lighting and space continuity, irregular geometry, the multitude of options for opening and closing spaces, the very different perspectives.


A flat’s redesign, Bucharest

An anonymous apartment building of the 30s, with one small flat per floor. No special architecture – on the contrary, awkward positions of the openings, non-functional corners; yet, at the same time, qualities that even the worst architecture at that time had and which hardly come up today: agreeable height, a well proportioned windows, an indescribable charm of bizarre connections between spaces, or of ordinary door joints with panelling and boarding.


Small repair works

From a recent ruin to a house: recovering and repairing ask for an architectural action, that differs both from restoring and creating a new work.

The project of this house is a rather unusual type of intervention. This is not the continuation of a project or the adjustment to a context. We called it repair works. The repair works of a recent ruin is something else than the intervention on an old house. An old space has a couple of sensitive elements, a spirit, perhaps good proportions or well-aged finishings.

Rehabilitation and extension of an interbellum house in Bucharest

An Art-Deco house of Bucharest

Semi-detached on a small plot, with a stepped parapet in levels terraces yet hiding a gently sloped roofing, boat portholes (lighting the attic) and “cubist” surfaces made of plaster profiles. A nice Bourgeois house in the South of the centre, not listed as a monument, not included in any protected area, and in a rather poor state.