Cultural programs

When architects build what children dream of

Building Blocks, Bucharest 2016

Text: Andreea Ilinca
Photo: eematico, Bogdan Dincă, Iuliana Dumitru    

We, the grown-ups, believe we know it all. We went to schools and have enough experience to be convinced that we understand everything better. Better than whom? Than children, most certainly.

Movie night and Swedish electronic rhythms

We create the Swedish mood with a delicious selection of short and long films, fiction, animation and documentaries that showcase pretty much everything we know about the Scandinavian cinema. That is: a special light, not to be found in any other place, with twilight and boreal sparks, flawless photography, an imaginary sometimes bizarre and otherwordly, activism, dramas with comed inserts, or unsettling comedies.

Bucharest Architecture Biennale 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010

Zeppelin has organized four editions (2004-2010) of the Bucharest Architecture Biennale  (today called the National Architecture Biennale). Thus, an important event for all the architects, but virtually unknown outside the profession, has grown exponentially in scope, visibility and popularity, and gained a new identity. The architectural discourse and current production problems were placed in an international context and opened to interdisciplinary dialogue and to an educated public.

Mayor for 10 minutes. A participatory action within the project “Actopolis. The Art of Action / Bucharest‑South”

In late May, nearly a hundred residents of the southern part of the city became, briefly, city mayors. In an exercise of imagination and responsibility, ideas and decisions came out of a mobile mayor’s office which moved in three districts in the area. We gathered the participants’ opinions and proposals and soon we will make them public. After completing the action, the pavilion was carried to Belciugatele village, Calarasi County, where Arhipera Association and a team of volunteers have reassembled it, as street furniture, in the park in the village centre.

H2O Exhitibion. Swedish contemporary architecture

18 October – 15 November 2016 @ MNAC Dalles
Opening: Tuesday, 18th October, 7 pm

7 Swedish project in an exhibition dedicated to sustainability, identity and aesthetics in Swedish contemporary architecture. The architecture offices taking part are: Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture, Kjellander Sjöberg, Notedesignstudio, Petra Gipp Arkitektur, PS Arkitektur, Wingardhs and IceHotel.

Building Blocks – a small workshop for big wood constructions

Saturday, 15 – Sunday, 16 October: pavilion @ Creative Est Festival (Industria Bumbacului & Nod MakerspaceSplaiul Unirii 160, Bucharest)

Opening: Saturday, 5 pm