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Edito: The application form, the typewriter and the golden flat Text, object, photo: Mugur Grosu In our collective imaginary in Romania, the writer is still associated with the quill and pen. And, late at night, with weary lashes, they will still blow out the light bulb, out of sheer habit. This is no metaphor, those […]

Edito: The house inside the house and the outside house Text Ştefan Ghenciulescu At some point, Claudiu – who’s an artist – tells me: “You speak like a architect”. I didn’t really understand what he was talking about, as it seemed to me that I avoided those terms of ours – section, functionalism, urban fabric, […]

  Edito: 74 Nearly Forgotten Poets. And a Nearly Invisible Memorial TEXT Mugur Grosu   DOSSIER: Drawing Intro TEXT Ştefan Ghenciulescu Autobiografia scientifica Beniamino Servino: Image, Imaginary, Identity, Idiosyncrasy TEXT Alexandru Cristian Beşliu   Matrix at Hand 3D Scanning and Reconstruction of Reality Text: Ştefan Ghenciulescu Imagini: Graphein   Data, Images, City Răzvan Zamfira & […]

Edito: School in the Coronavirus Times TEXT Ştefan Ghenciulescu Learn as you go There is fear and sadness, feelings that all of us are experiencing. But there is also enthusiasm (a lot of it) and competence (more or less of it). Balkan-like bricolage and makeshift online solutions (…) DOSSIER Together and Alone. Models of Dwelling […]