Connected – description

Connected has been primarily a research project of international collaboration between Zeppelin (RO), Archis (NL), Nordic Urban Design Association NUDA (NO), Fargfabriken (SE) and Eurodite


smart / not so smart city

Conference & the last day of the Bucharest exhibition Connected. Things about Future, Cities and People

11 november 2014, h. 18:00 @  National Museum of Contemporary Art – MNAC

Cities of Tomorrow #3 Mobility

Conference:  24.03.2015, 09:00-18:00 @ Hotel Crowne Plaza Bucharest, Romania

The German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Zeppelin Association invite you to the third edition of Cities of Tomorrow, Romania’s top meeting between business, architecture and administration.

This event shows an intense and rich mix of presentation, workshops and networking. Conferences by top international guests go side-by-side with debates on the Romanian situation and perspectives.

Cities of Tomorrow 2015 is dedicated to the relationship between mobility, urban development, economy and constructions.

Cities of tomorrow #3: highlights

The third edition of the international forum Cities of Tomorrow, about the connection between mobility, urban development and constructions, brought together top business personalities, people from architecture and administration,

Connected. Things about Future, Cities and People / Exhibition

An exhibition that opened simultaneously in Bucharest, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Bergen:

  • Bucharest (Romania) – National Museum of Contemporary Art – MNAC ( / FB event
  • Amsterdam (Netherlands) – New Energy Docks ( / FB event
  • Bergen (Norway) – City Hall of Bergen ( / FB event
  • Stockholm (Sweden) – Fargfabriken ( / FB event

CONNECTED. Things about future, cities and people

A project by Zeppelin (RO), Archis (NL), Nordic Urban Design Association NUDA (NO), Fargfabriken (SE), Eurodite (RO)

The project investigated the future impact of the new technologies upon the European urbanities. Developing concepts like smart city or smart community, the research revealed the future social and cultural mutations that tend to better valorize individuals and communities together with their human, creative and entrepreneurial potential. As proposed through narrative and dramatized visions, the European space appears like a dense interconnected territory defined by complex rules and sophisticated standards of human interaction.