zeppelin magazine | no #129


Zeppelin magazine #129

21. Editor’s: The little contry house as an Etichal Issue

Text: Ștefan Ghenciulescu

“For an intellectual, building a new home in the countryside is a moral failure”

 editorial - casuta de la tara

22. Dossier: Chile, a new generation

> An optimistic panorama towards the future of Chilean architecture: José Luis Uribe Ortiz, Hector Labarca Rocco, Ricardo Torrejón Schellhorn, Constanza Hagemann & Nicolas Valdes (PANORAMA), School of Architecture, University of Talca, Alfredo Thiermann Riesco  

chile intro


  • 22. A Generation of Change

Curator dosar & text intro: José Luis Uribe Ortiz

  • 26. Hector Labarca Rocco: Chile as imaginary

chile ca imaginar

  • 30. Ricardo Torrejón Schellhorn: House-Hamlet

chile casa catun


  • 34. Constanza Hagemann & Nicolas Valdes (PANORAMA): Black Box

chile -cutia neagra


  • 38. School of Architecture, University of Talca: Maule Project

chile interventions


  • 42. Alfredo Thiermann Riesco: Artifact # 1

chile - artefact1


46. Cătălin-Paul Cozma: Inhabited Stone

>  A holiday home on Valsan Valley, not far away from Curtea de Arges

 catalin cozma -piatra locuita

50. Cubo & Force4: Accesibility, Education and Leisure

>  A rehabilitation Centre in Denmark breaks with existing standards and help to develop state of the art within the disability field.


56. LAMA Arhitectura: Restaurant / Theatre / Memory

>  Alt Shift plays with identitites and conven­tions – an end of the century construction, the popular restaurant from the socialist era, called Berlin, honest expression but also materials that are not what they seem to be. This is also an interior design operation that adds value to the building it is housed in.

Text: Ștefan Ghenciulescu

 lama - alt shift

62. ATR LINE – Tövissi Zsolt & LARIX STUDIO –  Köllő Miklós: To Keep, to Protect, to Reveal

>  Restoring the Catholic Church complex in Cârța

 restaurare biserica din carta

69. Urban Report

  • 70. Collaboration for the “Post‑Industrial” Romanian Cities – Anina Mine of Ideas

Text: Irina Rotaru, Oana Ţiganea

Intro: Ștefan Ghenciulescu

 UR - mina anina


73. Design & More

  • 74. pepluspatru Association: Enchanting Views

>  An exhibition in Bucharest brings back to life an exceptional architectural moment in Romania: a relative liberalization of the socialist regime in the 60s and 70s, coupled with the need for attracting foreign routists, allowed for an almost utopian, yet also human-scaled and enthusiastically modernist program for the Black Sea coast resorts. The exhibitions puts the phe­nomenon in a historical and social perspec­tive, telling stories about modernist utopia and controlled hedonism, propaganda, collective and individual memories.

Text: Ștefan Ghenciulescu

 vederi incantatoare


81. Connected

  • 82. We Cycle

> iPhone app which records the routes preferred by cyclists

Text: Andreea Vrabie

connected - we cycle 

  • 84. AVCI Architects: High Environmental Performance

> The Turkish Contractor’s Association Headquarters in Ankara


  • 88. Ector Hoogstad Architects: Recycling Industrial Space for Engineers

> A former steel plant from the Netherlands becomes a “playground for engi­neers”: a sustainable project that stimulates social encounter and involvement.







November 2014