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Edito: Control and Conciliation Text: Ştefan Ghenciulescu DOSSIER: Hybrids. New Ways of Cohabiting coordinators: Ştefan Ghenciulescu, Cătălina Frâncu     Intro: Hybrid Environments We have become rather accustomed to thinking of territory in terms of clear categories: city/village/nature, industry/agriculture/services, built/unbuilt, work/living etc. And this is, of course, because we generally need categories to be able to think structurally, […]

Edito: Falling with the plaster Text: Ştefan Ghenciulescu confess that this editorial was initially supposed to be about Ukraine. Obviously, whether we speak of architecture or any other part of culture, we have no right to just go on with our activity and concerns and ignore the terrible tragedy close to us. I wanted to […]