zeppelin magazine | no #126


Zeppelin magazine #126

15. Editor’s: Please, open the window
Text: Ștefan Ghenciulescu

edito ConcreteHouse_foto de cosmin dragomir

18. Bogdan Gyemant-Selin
Exposed and sustainable concrete
Center for children activities. An exposed concrete house right next to Bucharest North railway station offers a new vision of building culture
Text: Cosmin Caciuc

3B ALTERNATIV_cosmindragomir_ConcreteHouse_XL_012

28. Incuboxx Timişoara
IT&C Business Incubator
Text: Anda Alexandra Maier


33. Andreescu & Gaivoronschi: Pedestrian space, City Business Center, Timișoara
Text: Irina Damașcan

Spatiu pietonal City Business Center- Timisoara

34. ATELIER 8000: Facing the River
Office building, České Budějovice, Cehia

Atelier 8000 povodi_ Cehia

36. Atelier MASS: Electric castle 2013 – 2014
Event scenography
Text: Silviu Aldea
The festival, organizat around the ruins of the historical ruin of Banffy Castle in Bonţida, Transylvania puts the palace into a new context, and creates a dialogue between avantgarde and the past, the temporary and the permanent, abstract geometry and traditional structures.

electric castle - labirintul de fum -2014

42. Gabu Heindl Architektur: Sculpture for the Winer Festwochen
Temporary public space installation


44. Attila Kim: Black shell, bright inner world
Text: Ștefan Ghenciulescu
Two attached houses in the outskirts of Bucharest shape individual, protected and luminous spaces inside the plot

Attila Kim - coaja neagra

52. Jun Murata: Light slits
Renovation of a dwelling, Osaka
Jun Murata - Osaka


54. Point 4: Micro-architecture

  • Casa_DO – The refurbishment of an interwar apartment 

Text: Justin Baroncea

point4 -CASA_Mihaileanu

  • TR_VL – a mobile and foldable object for events in public spaces (in partnership with RADOX)

point4 TR_VL-2


60. 2014 Venice Biennale
Text: Constantin Goagea, Cosmin Caciuc
A view on 20th century’s modernity and a rather academic edition,  yet with a lot of beautiful and intelligent presentations that deserve to be discussed.  

venice biennale 2014 -Romania -inside the nomad archive

76. Carmen Nistor: Underground lab
Artistic intervention in Piața Romană subway station

Carmen Nistor -Piata romana




  • 78. Politics, memory, agora

Mercat del Born, cultural center and public space, Barcelona
Text: Carmen Popescu

Mercat del Born Barcelona

84. Smart & Share Cities
Text: Cosmin Caciuc
How to address smart city ideologies? Long-term global strategies on urbanity give us new opportunities but also new concerns.

smart and share cities -wilhelmsburg_mitte__falcon_crest_air

90. Cleantech Playground
Project for Ceuvel and Schoonschip neighborhoods, Amsterdam


94. Martin-Emilian Balint: MEM-NON
Interactive installation

mem-non orizontal7

Editor’s: Please, open the window

Text: Ștefan Ghenciulescu

Ask anyone, any intellectual (or even an architect, for the matter), what is more environmentally friendly – a house or a block of flats? – and for most of them the answer will be the house. In fact, it is not. I am not referring to individual examples, but to houses in general: the individual home today fatally involves a periphery location, which means occupying natural land, waste of resources – with less efficient infrastructure for transport and facilities etc., longer commutes – so  more pollution. Plus a bad ratio between usable square feet and the envelope and many other issues.

July-August 2014