Future Schools – education from institution to experience

Thursday, October 6th, 6:30 pm @MNAC Dalles

An international conference that brings together design, technology, STEAM education and entrepreneurship. A dialogue between Romanian and Swedish experiences and initiatives. Our guests are the ones who actively transform education from institution to a complete learning experience, where a static and cumbersome process becomes dynamic, interactive and fun. 

Zeppelin Evenings #56 / Post City: a state of mind

The latest edition of Ars Electronica festival was called Post City. The perfect topic for a Zeppelin evening. We invited the director of the Linz festival, Martin Honzík, to present this edition, and to tell us about cities that define today what we call globality, and which have an accelerated expansion, from one continent to another.

Carol Factory. Bucharest South

The city is moving. Even on the other side of Unirii Boulevard: a new green area in Văcăreşti, galleries, art and design centres appear in old factories, cool bars and restaurants and vanguard entrepreneurship. The isolated and forgotten South breeds today one of the busiest areas.

We explored the southern side of the capital, with two specific themes in mind: new cultural, social and business initiatives and transforming industrial spaces. As a result, in Carol Factory there were three events on October 21st:

Cities of tomorrow #3: highlights

The third edition of the international forum Cities of Tomorrow, about the connection between mobility, urban development and constructions, brought together top business personalities, people from architecture and administration,

Carol Factory Night

powered by Zeppelin & Eurodite

This was our most beautiful project: an afternoon, an evening and a night inside the cultural Carol Factory, a complex event featuring a conference, an exhibition and a film screening. In the center of Bucharest, close to Carol Park, near Filaret train station, we celebrated a victory of cultural initiatives, trademark Zeppelin and Eurodite.