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29 Editor’s / Text: Constantin Goagea 34 Hawkins\Brown + Studio Egret West: A Regeneration of Community Residences> Rehabilitation development of a post-war community residences in Sheffield 44 Martin Lepej, Martin Bosík, Robert Sekula: A Box for Hikers> A touristic shelter for the hiking routes 48 EAA–Emre Arolat Architects: Mediation Between Oppositions> Raif Dinçkök Yalova Cultural Center, Turkey 54 Imoplan: Valuing Constraints > […]

32 Editorial Text: Constantin Goagea 34 J. Mayer H. Architects , Metropol Parasol Text: Irina Rotaru> urban regeneration in Seville 42 A69 – architekti: Urban fragments and connectionsText: A69 – architekti> Redefining a pedestrian zone in Czech Republic 46 Lewicki Latak: Urban block and moduleText: Cosmin Caciuc> Collective housing estate in Wroclaw, Poland 52 Lewicki Latak: The […]

37 Editorial Text: Constantin Goagea 42 Three by Three > Roldán + Berengué arqts.: social housing in BarcelonaText: Roldán + Berengué arqts. 50 A Contextual Contribution> Roldán + Berengué arqts.: primary assistance center in La Garriga, Spain Text: Roldán + Berengué arqts. 56 A restored mansion for a Capital of Culture > Maruša Zorec, Matjaž Bol?ina: restoration an conversion […]

33 Editorial Text: Constantin Goagea 34 Can Framis Museum> a conversion in Poble Nou district from BarcelonaText: BAAS  Introduction: Jean Craiu 44 Modernism Continuity> the new biotechnical faculty building in LjubljanaText: Arhitektura Krušec 50 A roof for the centre of urban activity> the new market in Celje, SoveniaText: Arhitektura Krušec 56 urban / periurban> a block of flats in […]

30 Editorial Text: Constantin Goagea 32 Leviathan  > Anish Kapoor’s installation for Monumenta 2011Text: Stefan Tuchila 42 Dossier: STARH> the most recent works of Florian and Iulia StanciuText:  Stefan Ghenciulescu     42 Intro    48 Structure Space    54 The Tower House    58 Recovery and densification    64  Cleaning-up and typological extension  68 Chanel Mobile Art > / The temporary pavilion designed […]

33 Editor’s / Text: Constantin Goagea 34  The courtyard of the four evangelist/ A cemetery extension located on an island between Venice and Murano / Text: David Chipperfield Architects 46 Balanced tranformation / The conversion of a post-war complex of agricultural buildings / Text: Laszlo Vincze 52 Two churches / Two houses of prayers in Litomysl and Cernosice, Czech […]

33 Editor’s / Text: Constantin Goagea 34 Modernization and poetical reasoning / A campus for a cosmetics products company in South Korea/ Text: Carlos Castanheira 50  Change of image / Headquarters of an urban furniture company / Text: Cosmin Caciu56 A discreet museum and the heritage / Museum of Solvene film actors / Text: Matjaz Bolcina, Ernest Milcinovic, Teja Savelli 62 The quiet neighbor / […]

33 Editor’s / Text: Constantin Goagea 34 Dossier / Tony Fretton Architects 36 Atemporal serenity / Text: Tony Fretton Architects44 Red house / Text: Tony Fretton Architects 50 Interior between blind walls / Text: Tony Fretton Architects56 Porous architecture / Text: Kuba & Pilar Architekti 66 Urban completion / Text: Kuba & Pilar Architekti72 Postindustrial Conversion / Text: Emre Arolat, Nevzat Sayin 80 […]

Editorial/ Text: Constantin Goagea 20 Between Cathedrals A public space realized by Alberto Campo Baeza between the old and the new cathedrals of old Cadiz faces the sea and emphasizes meaningful pieces of collective memory. 38 An open conversion A disused cinema theatre in Zagreb is turned into a new dance centre through some major structural modifications and […]

 22 Editor’s / Text: Constantin Goagea 24 Safe house / Text: Robert Konieczny – KWK Promes   30 There’s almost nothing / Text: Stefan Ghenciulescu   34 A workshop-house and a garden for butterflies / Text: Diego Barajas, Camilo Garcia & Francisco Amaro 42 Competitions in Cluj and Campina / Text: Stefan Ghenciulescu 44 Competition for Cluj university library 45 Ex-Aequo […]