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editorial: basel,culturescapes / constantin goagea neighbours. dossier: kwk promes:aatrial house / irina rotaru:broken house / kwk:house with a capsule / kwk:hidden house / kwk

editorial:pink / constantin goagea, justin baroncea public: vora arquitectura :can ricart council sport complex / vora arquitectura dossier: davide macullo:house in carabbia, ticino – switzerland / davide macullo:house in comano, ticino – switzerland / davide macullo:house in ticino – switzerland / davide macullo

editorial: condmag or thrust your fingers in your eyes / constantin goagea neighbors: 3 LHD:sports hall bale :memorial bridge :expo 05 japan

editorial: young architect / constantin goagea vbm architects: from a monastery to a multiple choice rectorate 360 architecten & stephane beel tv: vlerick leuven campus, leuven velux atika – sustainable living in a mediterranean context / carmen dutescu velux soltag. a house on top/ carmen dutescu

editorial: accents constantin goagea from the neighbours: epitezs studio:introduction / peterffy miklos:szechy tamas swimming pool, margitsziget, budapest:arena savaria – szombathely:school building on medve street, budapest:vadvirag kindergarden, veszprem:rakoczi high school, budapest:voc office building, budapest:alkotas point office building, budapest

editorial: the 55th / constantin goagea dossier: theatre stage design:november 2006. liviu ciulei at “arhitectura” / interview by mariana celac:sergiu singer – vita brevis / radu comsa:dragos buhagiar – space-generating objects / cosmina goagea:alina herescu – playing with the limits / cosmina goagea:ina isbasescu – about boxes / cosmina goagea:catalin ionescu arbore / radu comsa:the […]

editorial:I was at a concert and I was thinking…/ constantin goagea public spaces: peripheriques: atrium.university building, jussieu, paris 5/ peripheriques: carlos martinez & pipilotti rist: “stadtlounge”, sankt gallen/ stefan tuchila: proap with wit,arcoveneto and idroesse: master plan for the regeneration of the scheldt quays winning project in the international competition: 3 gatti.com architecture studio: in […]

editorial: building site / constantin goagea dossier: promontorio arquitectos: mora river aquarium: town & country raumplan: residential buildings, telheiras – lisbon. the rules of the game / kenneth frampton

editorial: the new optimism: creative city, creative industries/ constantin goagea dossier mvrdv: housing, density & the city:interview with winy maas, jacob van rijs and natalie de vries / oana rades:frosilos renovation – 84 apartments in a former silo, copenhagen, denmark:ypenburg: masterplan deelplan 10, hagen island, patio island, water villas :parkrand – apartment building:market hall and […]

editorial: pizza city: all in one city / constantin goagea three perspectives on the czech architectural scene / osamu okamura