Magic blocks

Magic Blocks – description

A program of strategies and projects for residential areas from the socialist period in Bucharest and Romania.


Magic Blocks 2010 – exhibition

The exhition presented the results of the Magic Blocks 2010 project to the audience – the key ideas ideas of the study and the strategy for urban activation, the interventions in the public space behind the blocks on Calea Moşilor and a documentary.

Magic Blocks 2010 – interventions

Calea Moşilor 2010: an aggressive and grey concrete curtain, specific to the ‘80s, which cuts a historical fabric and divides the city in two: in front of the boulevard a dense and well equipped city, yet ugly and aggressive, and behind, the historical city, hidden and isolated.

Magic Blocks 2010 – research

+ urban planning project, Bucharest

Following the project started in 2009, the team focused the research activities on the grand boulevards with blocks from the socialist era and the waste areas behind them, to find out solutions and draw up a strategy to turn those nobody’s lands into genuine public spaces and use them as components of activating the historical city behind the concrete curtain.

Magic Blocks 2009 – conferences & more

international conferences: Bucharest, Vienna, Cluj, Istanbul, Moscow
& expo integrated in Balkanology intl. exhibition: Vienna, Bucharest, Belgrade, Sofia, Podgorica

The results of the first stage of Magic Blocks were communicated in a series of 5 international conferences focused on the real principles, strategies and examples to revive the public space and carry out community projects

Magic Blocks 2009 – book

book [EN / RO]

Scenarios for the collective housing from the socialist period in Bucharest.

Magic Blocks 2009 – exhibitions

The results of the first stage of the Magic Blocks programme (studycases, ideas, principles and possible solutions for a complex reviving strategy of the housing areas in the socialist era) were the theme of three international exhibitions: in Berlin, at AedesLand, Savignyplatz (8 September – 29 October 2009), then in Bucharest, (9-26 November 2009) at the Museum of the Romanian Peasant, Aquarium hall, and in Moscow (26-30 may 2010) part of the Moscow ARCH International Architecture and Design Biennale.