zeppelin magazine | no #130


Zeppelin magazine #130

6. The future of workspaces – interview with Louis Lhoest
Reporter: Cosmin Caciuc

01_Viitorul spatiilor de birouri – interviu cu Louis Lhoest


17. Editor’s: Starchitecture and modernity in collective moments
Text: Cosmin Caciuc

02.editorial - Ilustratie-din-expozitia-Vederi-incantatoare

20. Dico & Ţigănaș Birou de Proiectare: Urban Box

>  The new multifunctional sports hall in Cluj is not an isolated object but part of a public core in the central area. Celebration of a functional program, relationship with the city, understanding of light and economy of means are the main determinants of the project.
Text: Ștefan Ghenciulescu

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37. Dossier: Chile, a New Generation: A Generation of Change – 2nd Part
>  An optimistic panorama towards the future of Chilean architecture
Curator & intro: José Luis Uribe Ortiz

  • 38. Leonardo Portus: Representations of Modern in Chile

04.a. detalle block remodelación república santiago

  • 42. SURco Juan Paulo & Felipe Alarcón Carreño: Lycée María Auxiliadora

04.b. Maria Auxiliadora

  • 48. Rodrigo Duque Motta, Rafael Hevia, Gabriela Manzi: School of Economics and Business Diego Portales University

04.c. Facultatea de economie si afaceri - Univ. Diego Portales

52. Nicolas del Rio architects, Max Núñez: Blue House

04.d. casa albastra

  • 56. Marco Díaz González, filmmaker: 24 Frames per Second, the Camera Unveils the Chilean Architecture

04.e. 24 cadre pe secunda - posterul filmului Tres Tristes Tigres

58. Exhibit Arhitectura: Portico Library
>  Humanitas Bookshop in Ploiești lies just behind a portico; it opens toward the city by transforming the window into an architectural place instead of a limit.

05. libraria humanitas din ploiesti -detaliu interior

65. Lahdelma & Mahlmäki, Kuryłowicz & Associates: POLIN – Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Warsaw
Text: Tomasz Zylski, Krzysztof Mycielski

 06. Muzeul istoriei evreilor polonezi - 130412_MHZP_5505

71. Urban Report

  • 72.  Iconoclasistas

> Graphic art, creative workshops, collec­tive research,  practices of urban collaboration and resistance, spread through a dynamic network in Argentina, Latin America and Europe.

07. bananamundi2

79. Design & More

  • 80. Frank Gehry: Like, unlike. Gehry @ Paris

> Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris: reporting on site, Ștefan Tuchilă is rather critical and Mihai Duţescu advocates the contrary opinion.
Text: Ștefan Tuchilă, Mihai Duţescu, Ștefan Ghenciulescu

 08. Gehry - Vuitton

  • 88. Dance. Technology. Interactivity

> AVmotional’s installations 4th Skin and In total Equilibrium
Text: Raluca Nestor Oancea

09. avmotional

91. Connected

  • 92. Electric Mobility

> BMW solutions for EV charging stations
Text: BMW Group

10,. electromobilitate - BMW

December 2014 – January 2015