A special edition Zeppelin: #30. Arhitecture in Rom├ónia, 1989-2019. An album of 248 pages, 8 chapters, almost 100 projects.

    16. Edito: PUZZ_LIT. Poetry and resuscitation. On the street Text: Mugur Grosu 18. DOSSIER: EU Mies Awards 2019 20. Intro Text: ┼×tefan Ghenciulescu For over 12 years, I have nominated, as an independent expert, works for the EU Mies Award, as to use its shortened name. In 2019, I had the privilege to […]

    10. Edito: Zeus. There is unrest in the city Text: Mugur Grosu …how nice it would be if, on their first day of work, city managers would play such a game. They could take it easy, but at least learn their ABC-s. For no one was born a city mayor, but everyone believed […]