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Zeppelin Evenings – description

The events carried out under this label represent, as far as we know, the longest and the most intense series of architecture, urban and culture-related meetings in Romania.


Zeppelin Evenings #56 / Post City: a state of mind

The latest edition of Ars Electronica festival was called Post City. The perfect topic for a Zeppelin evening. We invited the director of the Linz festival, Martin Honzík, to present this edition, and to tell us about cities that define today what we call globality, and which have an accelerated expansion, from one continent to another.

Zeppelin Evenings #55 / Dwelling together. ADN BA

  • Album launch: „Dwelling together. 6 apartment buildings by ADN BA”
  • Conference: Andrei Șerbescu, Adrian Untaru, Bogdan Brădățeanu

smart / not so smart city

Conference & the last day of the Bucharest exhibition Connected. Things about Future, Cities and People

11 november 2014, h. 18:00 @  National Museum of Contemporary Art – MNAC

Carol Factory Night

23 may 2014 @ Halele Carol [Carol Factory] (Str. Dr. Constantin Istrati no. 1, Bucharest)

conference, pop-exhibition & film screening

powered by Zeppelin & Eurodite

Zeppelin Evenings # 52 / the new wave: 3 young Norwegian architects

Conference: Tuesday, March 13, 2014, starting with 6 pm @ National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC), Bucharest, str. Izvor 2-4, Palace of the Parliament, wing E4, 1st floor, Bucharest (entrance through Calea 13 Septembrie)

architecture & experiment.

A conference with:

Zeppelin Evenings # 51 / Contemporary Norwegian Architecture: leading architects

Conference: Tuesday, February 18, 2014, starting with 6 pm @ National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC), Bucharest, str. Izvor 2-4, Palace of the Parliament, wing E4, 1st floor, Bucharest (entrance through Calea 13 Septembrie)

Zeppelin 50 / Smart Systems – Connected Conference

Speakers :

  • MIGUEL ROLDAN (Roldan + Berengue arqts, Spania)
  • JUAN TRIAS DE BES (TDB Studio, Spania)
  • MIHAI STREZA (BMW, Germania)
  • NEREA CALVILLO (c-arquitectos, Spania / UK)
  • CARLO RATTI (SenseableCity Lab (MIT), USA / Italia)
  • DORIN ȘTEFAN (DSBA, România)

Movie :

  •  Electric Signs by ALICE ARNOLD (SUA)

Zeppelin 49 / Recoveries

Only available in Romania .

Speakers  :

  • Jan Mannaerts (360 Architecten), Belgium 
  • Cosmin Pavel și Cristina Constantin (Abruptarhitectura)
  • Elias Messinas (ECOWEEK), Grecia & Israel
  • Șerban Sturdza (Prodid și Pro Patrimonio)

Zeppelin evenings 48 / Complexity

Only available in Romania

Thursday, 4 june 2013,  15:30

Aula Magna a Bibliotecii Centrale Universitare „Carol I“, Bucharest

Designing big buildings and very big buildings is almost a subject itself.In todays world our jobs are changing rapidly . We have to learn to negotiate, to bring people together and work with them, to understand the process not just the final result. Studying large scale architecture is an essential part of learning.

Zeppelin evenings 47 / Creative factories

Only available in Romanian

Zeppelin evenings 46 / Open

Only available in Romanian

Zeppelin evenings 45

Only available in Romanian

Zeppelin evenings 44

Only available in Romanian

Zeppelin evenings 43

Only available in Romanian

Zeppelin evenings 42

Only available in Romanian.

Zeppelin evenings 41

Special guest: architect Petr Lešek (Prague) – www.projektil.cz

June 20, 18:30 – Aula Magna, Central University Library “Carol I”

Libraries, public markets, cultural centers, galleries and museums: they are probably the most desirable projects in an architectural office portfolio. Not only that ensure recognition and publicity value, but because, beyond profit, aesthetic or record, the stakes are political and social transformation.

Zeppelin evenings 40

Borja Ferrater: Light and geometry

Thursday, 24 May – “Carol I” Central University Library of Bucharest

We had a super-invited acclaimed and awarded for its projects made with Office for Architecture in Barcelona: Borja Ferrater. Escher’s worlds, materials and the latest technologies, contemporary inserts in cultural contexts, landscape architecture and computer design are brought together in the work of a famous office.

Zeppelin evenings 39

Robert Marin & Nuca Studio

Thursday, April 26, 18:30 – “Carol I” Central University Library of Bucharest

It seems that the notion of “space” is a fancy term for architects. But this broad concept produces extremely varied representations. And sometimes very far from the architecture. Perhaps the most common place tool in the physical manifestation of architectural space is “the wall” .

Zeppelin evenings 38 / Japan now

Monday, March 26, 6:30 p.m. – “Carol I” Central University Library of Bucharest

 Japan now

 Zeppelin evenings #38 presents three members of the first line of the younger generation of Japanese architects:

Zeppelin evenings 37 / Concrete & Electro Design

Thursday, February 23, 18:30 – “Carol I” Central University Library of Bucharest

CONCRETE & ELECTRO DESIGN – architectural space as object of desire

This year we propose a denser and spectacular formula of zeppelin meetings, to put in dialogue usual themes of architecture and design with cultural events. Something more. In this edition we fly two sides of the same world: architectural space as object of desire and emotional well-being.

Zeppelin evenings 36 / Zeppelin + point 4

Thursday, January 26, 18:30 – “Carol I” Central University Library of Bucharest

Zeppelin + point 4 on the scene

Our team will open the workshop to present the latest architecture and design projects. Yes, we have time for this, don’t ask us how, but it happens.

Zeppelin evenings 35 / SYAA – Projects for the city

SYAA – Projects for the city
Thursday, November 24, 18:30
“Carol I” Central University Library of Bucharest

SYAA – Adrian Soare and Eliza Yokina: two young partners and one of the offices with the most awards at international competitions and Romania, and awarded projects at the Biennale and Annual.

Zeppelin evenings 34 / Matthew Hilton / Flirt & contemporary design

Matthew Hilton / Flirt & contemporary design
Thursday, October 13, 18:30 – “Carol I” Central University Library of Bucharest

We often speak about design like we do about Don Juan. Is said that he wants to conquer continuously: the coolest, most innovative solution, the most fashionable … Happiness is always young.

Zeppelin evenings 33 / Mario Kuibus and React-Now Studio

Mario Kuibus and React-Now Studio
From City to Interior Design
Thursday, September 29, 2011, 18:30 – “Carol I” Central University Library of Bucharest

A creative industry center in the poorest district of Bucharest.
A range of housing that has become a landmark in the city of Constanta.

Zeppelin evenings 32 / Graphic Studio

Guest: Graphic Studio
June 16, 7:30 pm – “Carol I” Central University Library of Bucharest

The next edition of Zeppelin Evenings we meet a young architecture office, but with many projects. Graphic Studioworks both large and medium operations, using the latest technologies, and the small building that occur in sensitive contexts.

Zeppelin evenings 31 / Eco

Thursday, May 19, at the Romanian Peasant Museum took place the zeppelin conference about eco-attitudes, eco-culture and eco-architecture with two special guests: german architect Eike Roswag and architect Serban Sturdza.

Zeppelin evenings 30 / Exhibit Architectura

Thursday, 28 April, Dalles Room

Johannes Bertleff and Dragos Oprea – Exhibit ARCHITECTURA – were the special guests of this edition.

We discussed about:
– a restoration project awarded at the last Biennale.
– book stands at major exhibitions.

Zeppelin evenings 29 / Design Lounge

Thursday, 24 March at 19:00
Carturesti, Arthur Verona Street

Corvin Cristian, architect and designer, winner of the Bucharest Architecture Biennalee, was the special guest at the zeppelin no 29 – Design Lounge.

Zeppelin evenings 28 / Architectural Competitions

Architectural Competitions – Campina and Cluj

A three-hour debate about architecture competitions in Romania. The two events that happened recently, in Cluj and Campina, have triggered a whole panoply of debate in the event hall.

Zeppelin evenings 27

Questions for arch. Dorin Stefan

How does it feel to be the winner of a large international architectural competition, which are the secrets of creating such a project, how can you get higher on the pages of architectural journals, how to conquer the world from Romania and many other things that you wanted to they learn about Flying Observatories.

Zeppelin evenings 26 / BAB 2010

The winners of the Bucharest Architecture Biennale 2010 presented their projects and the ideas behind them. How do they see the directions in which we grow, how to relate to current practice in the west or east, which is the key to success in the Romanian context and any other questions is waiting for the answer in this meeting – debate. 

Zeppelin evenings 25 / Ars Electronica

The most avant-garde contemporary art and technology festival in Europe, with the strangest future projects. Yet this year’s edition of Ars Electronica is speaking about a new philosophy of sustainability. Ideas that could change tomorrow’s corporate world, the architecture of the future and why not yourself. Start the repairs. 

Zeppelin evenings 24 / People meet in architecture

People meet in architecture is the theme of the Venice Biennale – 2010, curated by Kazuyo Sejima, one of the most important figures in contemporary architecture.For this edition, the Japanese curator wants to speak directly about space, transforming the whole event in a live demonstration of architecture’s power to respond to economic, cultural and social changes. Insight, answers, problems or questions about the essence of architecture and the space inhabited by people. 

Zeppelin evenings 23 / Moscow Architecture Biennale

cosmina & constantin goagea
Thursday, 24 June 2010 – Bucharest, French Institute, Elvira Popescu Hall, 77 Dacia blvd.

Kak Zhit? (how do we live?) is the theme of the first edition  of International Architecture Biennale from Moscow, dedicated to post-socialist city.
An analysis of utopias, old or new, a revision of the great architecture discourses and of some stories not at all soft.

Zeppelin evenings 22 / Milano Design Week

20 May 2010 – Bucharest, French Institute, Elvira Popescu Hall, 77 Dacia Blvd

A slight madness and fidgetiness: this year edition of Milano Design Week, fresh presented by Cristina Sabau.

Zeppelin evenings 21 / Magic blocks

Friday, May 14, from 17.00h
Cluj – Cinema Victoria – Bulevardul Eroilor
Speaker: Constantin Goagea

Scenarios for socialist collective housing estates in Bucharest.
When it comes to contemporary urban development Eastern European countries lend themselves to be regarded as a testing ground: their striving to catch up with Western Europe is matched by rapid, often brutal changes.

Zeppelin evenings 20 / Structure-spaces

Thursday 29 April
3/4 MNAC art gallery, Bucharest National Theatre 

A special edition of zeppelin with buildings from rough concrete or digged into massive concrete, spatial cells, plots that are too little or too big, insertions into historical texture, outskirts and transitional suburbs.

Zeppelin evenings 19 / Situationist Urbanism

Thursday March 25 from 19h till late
Bucharest, PAVILION UNICREDIT, 1 Nicolae Titulescu (Victoriei Square)

Boundary cities, cities of the future, situationist urbanism, communities and post-utopias. The German architect Wilfried Hackenbroich will tell us how the urbanism can be cool and creative and also about new instruments and concepts and case studies elaborated within the Bauhaus college.

Zeppelin evenings 18 / No Construction

Monday 16 November 16h
Romanian Peasant Museum (Horia Bernea Hall) 
Invitees: Kai Vöckler (Archis Interventions, Berlin), Michael Obrist (Feld 72, Vienna), Ivan Kucina (Belgrad); Justin Baroncea (Point 4, Bucharest)

Zeppelin evenings 17 / LINZ_5/30

Thursday 22 October 19h
bucharest, 10 libertatii blvd

LINZ _ 5/30

Justin Baroncea has been in December to Linz and he will tell us at zeppelin about alternative art and high top quality architecture.

Zeppelin evenings 16

Thursday 1 October from 19h till late 
bucharest, 10 libertatii blvd

We forget about mega programs, mega offices and mega compounds while listening to three stories about high-class architecture.

Zeppelin evenings 15 / StudioBASAR

Thursday 11 June from 20h till late
bucharest, 10 libertatii blvd

On June 11, we were playing search and rescue in an Oriental bazaar with a ghost and a tree with sparrows. Then, we would find many reading keys to understand the sophisticated – though common for us – space of Bucharest.

Zeppelin evenings 14 / Dorin Stefan, 6 + 1 projects

Thursday 7 May from 20h till late
bucharest, 10 libertatii blvd
invitee: Dorin Stefan

As you already got familiar with it, we are bringing a young architect to zeppelin. Well, actually he is about thirty years of career behind and works on increasingly larger projects.

Zeppelin evenings 13 / Designer or mouse keeper?

Thursday 23 April 19h
KLUDIstudio, 10 blvd libertatii
Invitee: Raymond Bobar | designer or mouse keeper?
Photo: Eros Nicolau, Graffiti HBfx

Raymond Bobar is a graphic designer, specializing in the fields of publication design, typography and lettering. He studied photography and multimedia.

Zeppelin evenings 12

Thursday 12 March, 19:00 hours 
KLUDIstudio, 10 libertatii blvd 
Invitee: Justin Baroncea | short scientific and anecdotal speech on intelligent parasites in architecture

Justin Baroncea has been working for 9 years at Barcelona and he learned the charm and the secrets of this place that he will reveal to us at the zeppelin from March.

Zeppelin evenings 11

a meeting up to the mark | design and architecture workshop & happy hours

Hyperlocked, hyperbolism and other adventures in design

What has to do a tassel hang up by the key of the grandma’s wardrobe with a sofa presented at the Milan Furniture Salon? A strange concept named Hyperbolism that put together sensual forms with rococo mathematics.

Zeppelin evenings 10

a meeting up to the mark | design and architecture workshop & happy hours

young blood 

It’s not about Dracula, not even about darked castles and torture instruments, but an edition dedicated to young architects, that bring young blood to Romanian architecture.

Zeppelin evenings 09

a meeting up to the mark | design and architecture workshop & happy hours

Black boxes and elastic houses

Low-budget minimalism, recycling, smart prefabricating in Iasi and Austrian Voralberg.

Zeppelin evenings 08

a meeting up to the mark | design and architecture workshop & happy hours

Architecture Biennial of Venice, 2008
Presented & interpreted by Constantin Goagea

Fridges, video projections, a chess game, a garden drawn with pencil, gas pipes, knick-knacks, confetti, meaning architecture beyond the buildings.

Zeppelin evenings 07

a meeting up to the mark | design and architecture workshop & happy hours

Gardens with its houses and objects 

Serban Sturdza comes to zeppelin 07 to tell you a story about the pleasure of builduing with simple tools and forgotten techniques. Little is not just more, but also better.

Zeppelin evenings 06

a meeting up to the mark | design and architecture workshop & happy hours

re-vision bangkok 
new media art in public space
invitee: Mihaela Kavdanska 

Series of exotic flights goes on with a project in the field of contemporary art, a workshop and a trip to the far off Bangkok.

Zeppelin evenings 05

a meeting up to the mark | design and architecture workshop & happy hours

A special zeppelin with two invitees from Japan: arch. Yasuhiro Yamashita (Tekuto workshop) and professor Riichi Miyake (Miyake Lab).

Zeppelin evenings 04

a meeting up to the mark | design and architecture workshop & happy hours

Urban landscape as a genesis of the project

At his second visit to Bucharest, the architect Juan Trias de Bes from Barcelona will tell us about the accomplishments of its workshop.

Zeppelin evenings 03

a meeting up to the mark | design and architecture workshop & happy hours

The third zeppelin is driving you directly to Tokyo with the speed of express train: a fascinating experience in a visionary city.

Zeppelin evenings 02

a meeting up to the mark | design and architecture workshop & happy hours

Arhitectura magazine and KLUDIstudio is inviting you at the second flight in zeppelin. Series of architecture events started in February continue with 2 conferences followed by a discussion. The theme of this edition: public buildings architecture and the big operations in urbanism and architecture.

Zeppelin evenings 01

a meeting up to the mark | design and architecture workshop & happy hours

Arhitectura magazine and KLUDIstudio is inviting you at ZEPPELIN
Special invitees at this first flight are the hungarian architects Benczur Laszlo and Peterffy Miklos, who will present the first Designhotel from Budapest, on Lanchid street. Designhotel is an architecture experiment made in collaboration with the students of Design Faculty in Budapest, a very disputed, discussed and praised project. 

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