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32 Editor’s  / Manage on your own 34 Rehabilitation / From a boiler house to a centre of photography Dossier: Chile 8:842 Intro / Text: Stefan Ghenciulescu44 Coya house 48 Pumanque wall50 “Brisas del mar” elementary school 54 Modular solutions 58 Emergency and reconstruction: the will of the real60 Proyecta memoria62 Public space / Mayslits Kassif […]

38: In memoriam Arh. Ion Mircea Enescu 42: Editor’s 44: DossierThe 2010 Bucharest Architecture Biennale resources for architecture 52: FocusBogdan & Van Broeck Architects54: The learning factory 60: Brewer’s street70: The inverted urban block76: Dumbraveni – a community museum 80: The Harmonia house86: A house in Carpinis92: Balkanology – new architecture and urban phenomena in […]

DossierThe 2010 Venice Biennale  / Stefan Ghenciulescu, Stefan Tuchila, Corina Laza 38 Intro40 “People meet in architecture” exhibition 48 National Participations58 Romania / 1:162 Romania / Superbia Dwelling66 Seven houses, one building / Stefan Ghenciulescu Neighbours: Medusa Group74 Modernism, critically revisited / Medusa Group Dwelling: TDB – Arquitectura 80 An articulation of two scales / Justin Baroncea, […]

Editorial37: Electronic music and architecture in the 1960s Dossier: Alejandro Munoz Miranda38: Intro / Stefan Ghenciulescu 40: An assembly of places /  A sequence of volumes of different heights and brightly coloured or clear glazed cracks turn the educational center in El Chaparral into a protected, complex and merry environment. 46: Module and light / Diagonals […]

editorial26: moscow time / Constantin Goagea public: elisa valero ramos28: the world behind the wall  / From military functions to a gentle scale for children: Elisa Valero Ramos used an existing wall in order to structure an elegant, open and playful daycare center. spatiu publicplanwerk34: an intelligent normality / The almost finished operation of refurbishing some […]

editorial22: chairless / Constantin Goagea dossier: tidy arquitectos24: A home embracing the landscape, a new house risen on top of older foundations, and a primary school that responds to a specific urban situation, highlight the quality of the Chilean regional school of architecture. 26: a binocular house / An isolated dwelling located in a strongcharacter natural […]

editorial28: cathedrals laugh in the sun / Constantin Goagea dossier: young portuguese architects a dossier including four practices Paulo David / The three public projects in Madeira represent different poses of a poetic and respectful manner of intervention into some exceptional natural sites. 32: stone boxes and belvederes / Located on a rocky cliff of Madeira, in an […]

editorial20: I left such a colourful world / Constantin Goagea landmark22: structure.membrane.filtru / An office building by Carlos Ferrater, Xavier Marti and Patrick Genard in Barcelona: subtle references to Mies van den Rohe, respect for the site, timeless aesthetics. experiment 30: all senses experience / Roca Barcelona Gallery building, realized by Studio Carlos Ferrater, displays a […]

editorial18: How to Organize your Own Museum. A Bulgarian Practical Guide/ Constantin Goagea restoration20: continuity of time layers / The long restoration of Neues Museum in Berlin is proof of the craftsmanship and professional maturity of two important personalities on the international stage: David Chipperfield and Julian Harrap. public30: a portico, a passage, and an atrium / […]

editorial: 16 We’ve got everything! White plastic boxes for guards, electric switch boxes, bobbies, and bodyguards /Constantin Goagea public: Snøhetta: 18 un urban iceberg / The winner of Mies van der Rohe Prizein 2009, the Norwegian Snøhetta team has imagined the volumetric shape of the Oslo Opera House as a manmade geography that can be both climbed or […]