Zeppelin evenings 01


a meeting up to the mark | design and architecture workshop & happy hours

Arhitectura magazine and KLUDIstudio is inviting you at ZEPPELIN
Special invitees at this first flight are the hungarian architects Benczur Laszlo and Peterffy Miklos, who will present the first Designhotel from Budapest, on Lanchid street. Designhotel is an architecture experiment made in collaboration with the students of Design Faculty in Budapest, a very disputed, discussed and praised project. 

Flights: KLUDIstudio Airport, 10 Libertatii Blvd, Bucharest, on 14 February from 6:30 pm till late 

What’s up with zeppelin? 

Zeppelin is an open workshop of architecture creation. zeppelin is the most suitable place for discussions for those who wants to come nearer to the architecture as to a creative profession, an elaborated intellectual process, a profession based on the idea. If you feel like to learning in a different way or something different, if you feel like relaxing in an intelligent way, if you want to see how the old city is transforming, if you want to be the witness of the new city creation, welcome to the board! In the future there are ready to fly inspired architects and artists that will tell us about their projection on the city, about projects, festivals, musics, other cultural and artistic urban practices. Come to see them in flash and blood at KLUDIstudio. 

During the flight you’ll also benefit from: : KLUDIstudio library, with books and albums 
: Arhitectura magazine – new issues and also collection stuff: ideas for projects, resources of inspiration 
: infos on the daily cultural agenda 
: snacks and drinks offered with grace by our superstewards. Always after lecturing 

How you can enter zeppelin? Feel free to subscribe at studio@kludi.ro or to the phone: +4 031 418 71 01; you make a reservation, take your friends and forget all your worries.