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32 Editorial

Text: Constantin Goagea

34 J. Mayer H. Architects , Metropol Parasol
Text: Irina Rotaru
> urban regeneration in Seville

Densification and activation in Cluj

Post de: Stefan Ghenciulescu

A house in the historical center has been restored and expanded serving as a complex blend of an architecture studio, a residence and some urban services.

So far, most of the works of Planwerk studio published in our magazine have pertained to city or public space planning. Their head office (designed, financed and shared with BAU office) does not only involve a work of architecture and restoration.

Reference to landscape

Post de: Andreu Arriola & Carme Fiol

A fire station showing the authors’ interest in both a dialogue with the surrounding landscape and a need to provide a tailor-made space for a particularly functional program.

The interwoven square

Post de: Cosmin Caciuc

The rehabilitation of some spaces in the centre of a small Polish town increases the value of the place through reasonable investments, rigor and intelligent interweaving of old fragments and new interventions.


Editor’s: Urban activations

Post de: Constantin Goagea

Something strange is looming today like a sort of dystopia: the city of private mentalities. A city that is run from a cell phone. The buildings of a better tomorrow pass our way like a rushing pell-mell while the freedom of reaction is less important than novelty which does not allow any time for reflection; novelty means a continuous activity, progress, the purely better part and victory.

November 2011