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33 Editor’s / Text: Constantin Goagea

34 Modernization and poetical reasoning / A campus for a cosmetics products company in South Korea/ Text: Carlos Castanheira

A chronicle for a public space

Post de: Teodora Raduca

The building site containers were set up around Bucharest’s National Theatre. According to a project delayed for a couple of years, the theatre is supposed to be reinforced and modernized in the next three years starting from this autumn. The process will involve the dismantling the arcaded façade ordered by Ceausescu in the 1980s; the initial façade will be put in place along with the cantilevered roof, which means that the original project designed by Horia Maicu, Nicolae Cucu, and Romeo Belea will be followed in its outlines.


The Quiet Neighbor

Post de: Anca Bordean

The house on the outskirts of Sibiu is gently placed on a difficult plot and finds a subtle balance between openness and protection.

The house is located in a residential area with lots of terrains whose shapes and sizes come out further to plotting a steep land. After the Revolution, these plots offering a double access from the edging streets have been subdivided in an uncontrolled manner.


Editor’s: Piata Matache

Post de: Constantin Goagea

I would have never believed to pick up again the topic of Buzesti-Uranus axis that soon (see issue 91). “The Platform for Bucharest”, other NGO’s and the media have brought before justice a decision of Bucharest Municipality and the court pronounced the Master Plan of the operation illegal.

May 2011