zeppelin magazine | no #57


Arhitectura magazine no 57 summary

Livio Vacchini: Piazza del Sole, Bellinzona

The actual Piazza del Sole (Sun Square) was established in the XVIIIth century. Previously, this area (which used to be called the German Gate or the Ticinese Gate) was generally scattered by moors and was constantly subject to overflows of the Ticino River and the Daro torrent, which was feeding the digging next to the protection ring of Borgo di Bellinzona.

urbe 2000: a house next to the metropolitan hill

Post de: Mihai Dutescu

Photo: Andrei Margulescu, Mihai Dutescu

The title already says quite a lot about this house. Without considering any pictures or plans, let’s try to make an imagination exercise: how would any of us design, if we were to do it, a house next to the Metropolitan Palace (the siege of the Romanian Patriarchy)? It would be an architecture discreet enough not to aggress such a vicinity, humble, we would refrain from free gestures, maybe someone up in the skies would draw our attention, or – on the contrary – we would actually search for a contemporary expression, up to something deliberately contrasting and contradictory. Or maybe it would be a little bit of all, for the wisest ones.

vbm architects: from a monastery to a multiple choice rectorate

Post de: VBM Architects

Although the intact building seemed almost ready to use, at second glance the programme revealed a large number of competing requirements. The existing building was an introverted space for meditation and service to society, housed in a pure neo-gothic architecture with a strong religious character.
How to transform this building into a visible, open and modern university office that is present in the city? How to change a very specific function into a flexible one?

August - September 2007