zeppelin magazine | no #51


Arhitectura magazine no 51

Three Perspectives on the Czech Architectural Scene

Summary: What role did architecture play in the process of forming the Czech national identity? What are the current architectonic and urban planning challenges in Central Europe and where does Czech architecture stand?

An Illustrated History of the Czech National Narrative: Architecture

Editorial: Pizza city

Post de: Constantin Goagea

: what kills me is the following problem: the Sydney opera plus other contemporary architecture monuments on the tablecloth found in a holyday house at Sirnea. The sky is covered with huge roses in an easily recognizable oriental style. Where in God’s name do I classify this phenomenon? What record? What chapter? There is an incredible contrast between Jorn Utzon’s opera and this cheap thingy. And then there is the context, and let this be no minor issue since in Sirnea there is a five meter wide beaten country road made in stones and dry mud, in any case a poor sight for the eye, barely worthy to be called pastoral in some English imagery reminder… What can I say, this contrast blows my mind… hermeneutically speaking.

February 2007