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Arhitectura magazine no 56 summary

  • editorial: accents constantin goagea
  • from the neighbours: epitezs studio
    :introduction / peterffy miklos
    :szechy tamas swimming pool, margitsziget, budapest
    :arena savaria – szombathely
    :school building on medve street, budapest
    :vadvirag kindergarden, veszprem
    :rakoczi high school, budapest
    :voc office building, budapest
    :alkotas point office building, budapest

Steven Holl: Linked Hybrid – Beijing, China (2003 – 2008)

Post de: Steven Holl Architects

Text and illustrations: Steven Holl ArchitectsFilmic urban space; around, over and through multifaceted spatial layers, is one of the central aims of this Hybrid Building complex with over 700 apartments sited adjacent to the old city wall of Beijing. The aspiration of the developer Modern Group is for an ultra-modern expression of 21st Century ecological urban living, in this 220,000 sq. m. project. Current development in Beijing is almost entirely “object buildings” and free standing towers. This “city within a city” envisions urban space as the central aim—as well as all the activities and programs that can support the daily life of over 2500 inhabitants: cafe’s, delis, laundry, dry cleaners, florists etc, line the main public passages. The eight towers are linked at the twentieth floor by a ring of cafes and services.

Epitesz Studio: rakoczi high school, budapest

Post de: Keller Ferenc, Solyom Benedek

In 2002, the 2nd district local government of Budapest announced a limited design competition for the reconstruction of a building that was deemed obsolete as regards spatial distribution, functionality, and structures. In our winning design, we went beyond reconstruction and opted for new construction, believing that new is an organic continuation of old. In order to ensure the link between old and new, we kept the street-front wing of the building as being the most important section from both architectural and emotional points of view.

editorial: accents constantin goagea

Post de: Constantin Goagea

I am lazy in the sun of Bulgarian Sozopol holding an enormous book in my hands. A big book one can display on any beach or which could serve to support an umbrella just as well. In this book, “Cities, Architecture and Society”, Dejan Sudjic speaks about the accents of a town, as if we talking about the accents in a language. Accent is an essential part of someone’s identity, something deeply anchored in awell localized collective mind and hints to a personal history of the individual.

July 2007