zeppelin magazine | no #157


Zeppelin 157 (spring_2020)

Edito: School in the Coronavirus Times
TEXT Ştefan Ghenciulescu

Learn as you go

There is fear and sadness, feelings that all of us are experiencing. But there is also enthusiasm (a lot of it) and competence (more or less of it). Balkan-like bricolage and makeshift online solutions (…)

Together and Alone. Models of Dwelling
TEXT Ştefan Ghenciulescu


Bucharest Steampunk
ADN BA. Urban Spaces 2/Mumuleanu

Project: ADN BA
Text: Ştefan Ghenciulescu
Photo: Laurian Ghiniţoiu, Andrei Mărgulescu, Cosmin Dragomir, Daniel Miroţoi, Mihai Rotaru


The Cosmopolitan. Offices Become Homes
BOGDAN & VAN BROECK. Turning an Office

Building into Housing and an Urban Landmark, Brussels

The Social Housing Factory
Project & text: Roldán + Berengué, arqts
Photo: Jordi Surroca + Gael del Río/Roldán + Berengué arqts


Refurbishment and Extension of a Villa
Galliate, Italy

Project & text: Romina Grillo, Liviu Vasiu
Photo: Delfino Sisto Legnani e Marco Cappelletti


Critical Restitution
Rehabilitation of a House in the Village of Remetea, Harghita, Romania

Project: Larix Studio
Text: Ştefan Ghenciulescu
Photo: Szigeti Vajk‑István, Larix Studio


House with Wide Eave
Mizil, Romania

Project, text & photo: Cristina Constantin, Cosmin Pavel


Patient Zero
House one. Text two.

Project: Cosmin O. Gălăţianu, Cristian Beşliu, Cosmin Georgescu, Octavian Bîrsan
Text: Cosmin O. Gălăţianu
Photo: Cosmin O. Gălăţianu, Cristian Beşliu


Project Alias
Or How to Protect Yourself from Your Smart
Friends at Thome

Project: Bjørn Karmann & Tore Knudsen
Text: Lorena Brează

ADN BA. Splay Office Building, Bucharest

Project: ADN BA
Text :Ştefan Ghenciulescu
Photo: Daniel Miroţoi, Cosmin Dragomir


More than design
Calup. Recul Independent Theater, Bucharest

Project: Calup – Mihat Márk Lóránt, Alexandru Tudose
Reporter: Lorena Brează
Photo: Sorin Nainer, Alexandru Tudose, Mihat Márk Lóránt


Out for Coffee, on the Boulevard
Bogdan Ciocodeică Studio. Beans & Dots 2
Coffeshop, Bucharest

Project: Bogdan Ciocodeică Studio
Text: Ştefan Ghenciulescu
Photo: Andreea Macri


Writing not Typing

Autor: Thomas Weaver
Text: Ştefan Ghenciulescu

Design Exercises in Street Furniture
Decebal Scriba. 1973

Text: Mirela Duculescu
Photo: Arhiva Decebal Scriba


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