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Zeppelin #160 (winter_2020-2021)

Edito: The application form, the typewriter and the golden flat

Text, object, photo: Mugur Grosu

In our collective imaginary in Romania, the writer is still associated with the quill and pen. And, late at night, with weary lashes, they will still blow out the light bulb, out of sheer habit. This is no metaphor, those of us living under Communism used to write by candlelight, like bards of old times, because of daily power cuts. Once again because of Communism, here the typewriter is not symbolic for literature but has remained the embodiment of state authorities. During the “Golden Age” of Ceausescu, Decree no. 98 of 28 March 1983, stated that any typewriter had to get an approval from the police (Miliția). (…)

TEXT Ştefan Ghenciulescu

David Chipperfield Architects: James Simon Gallery, Museum Island, Berlin

Project: David Chipperfield Architects
Text: Lorena Brează
Photo: Laurian Ghiniţoiu

Enough is Enough
Responsibility for Real: 2020 Timişoara Architecture Biennial

Text: Anca Cioarec, Brînduşa Tudor,Raluca Rusu, Alexandru Ciobotă
Photo: Bianca Azap, Dan Purice

The Romanian Museum of Collectivization

Text: Cosmina Goagea
Photo: Andrei Mărgulescu

Pocket Interiors.
A Contemporary Telematic Novel

Project: Zeppelin Design
Text: Constantin Goagea
Photo: Andrei Mărgulescu

The Water Castle and The Tower of Arts in Turnu Severin

Project: Zeppelin Design
Text: Constantin Goagea
Photo: Andrei Mărgulescu


Project & Text: URANUS NOW team
Photo: Tudor Constantinescu, Vlad Dudu, Andrei Bîrsan, URANU NOW team

A Storehouse with a View
The Mihai Oroveanu Archive at the Salonul de proiecte
TEXT Salonul de proiecte, skaarchitects –Kalliopi Dimou, Sorin Istudor

The Incredible and Sad Tale of a Lonely Contessa and Her House for the Inhabitant who Refused to Participate
TEXT Daniel Tudor Munteanu, Davide Tommaso Ferrando

From Near to Far
Visual Cartographies of the 2 Mai and Vama Veche Space
TEXT Iuliana Dumitru, Alex Axinte


The Urban Machine
MEETT Toulouse Exhibition and Convention Centre

The Electra Factory, Iaşi

Text:Alexandra Berdan
Photo: Katerina Nedelcu, Alexandra Berdan, Ancuţa Costandache

The Terminal as a Tool for Urbanity
Bus Terminal, Budaörs

Project: Intramuros
Text: Lorena Brează

The Light New Top
GV51 Penthouse Apartments, Belgrade

Project & Text: Studio ENND
Photo: Relja Ivanic

Urbanizing the Swiss Periphery
Igual Guggenheim Architects: 2 Collective Housing Projects

Project & Text: Sancho Igual, Yves Guggenheim
Photo: Radek Brunecky (Wetzikon), Beat Bühler (Küsnacht)

FABER. Independent Cultural Center, Timişoara
Interview with Oana Simionescu and Sergiu Sabău

Reporter: Lorena Brează
Photo: Farkas Pataki


Text:Ştefan Ghenciulescu
Photo: Radu Abraham, Ioana Sisea


Text: Sandra Demetrescu
Photo: Andrei Mateescu

Places in a Garden
Mânadelucru: Kindergarten in Bucharest

Text: Dorin Ştefan Adam, Lorena Brează
Photo: Vlad Pătru

The Meaning of Sculpture
Objects, Spaces and Learning at Kunsthalle Bega


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