zeppelin magazine | no #167


Zeppelin magazine #167 (autumn, 2022)


Edito: Do the Poor and the Middle-Class Still Have Room in the City?

Text: Ştefan Ghenciulescu

[…] I would like to be very clear here: cities have always been territories of inequality. Starting with ones a few thousand years ago and going through absolutely every type of historical society, political regime, etc., in any city there were, at some point, rich inhabitants, as well as ones of average wealth or poor, to varying degrees and proportions; and, of course, “good” and “bad” areas.

But we are now witnessing an emptying of cities of their poorer population, and their progressive transformation, from centre towards the outskirts, into territories where there is less and less dwelling, as fewer and fewer can afford it. We are starting to no longer have neighbourhoods of people with more modest income, but cities without such a permanent population. […]


Coordinators: Cătălina Frâncu, Ilinca Pop

introDosar CROP_substandardPLUS_Atelier Ad Hoc_04


Intro: City, The Land of Promise
Text: Cătălina Frâncu

The city has existed from the beginning as a progressive economic centre, always in contrast to the frozen, ”regressive” and traditional countryside. After the Industrial Revolution, the city became the nucleus of economic growth, turning into a platform for development for all who left the countryside behind in the hope of a job (in a factory) and modern housing (in a tenement). But the city has always ”welcomed” its immigrants in well-prepared places, far from its “rightful” inhabitants, often transforming itself from the land of promise into the land of need. In the illusion that the possibilities are infinite, the city shapes its continuous need for growth and manufactures new obstacles in the journey of overcoming its own condition. […]

Intervening in a Fragile Place
Benga Riverside Housing and School, Tete, Mozambique

02_AB_Housing at Benga Riverside Residential Community_Photo by Jaime Herraiz for Kéré Architecture

Project & text: Kéré Architecture, Diébédo Francis Kéré
Intro: Cătălina Frâncu


Atelier Ad Hoc: substandardPLUS or Redefining a Limit
A Social Infrastructure Project

01_A_substandardPLUS_Atelier Ad Hoc_05

Project, text & photo: Maria Daria Oancea, George Marinescu


The Open City
A Conversation with Doina Petrescu

03_fig5.Agrocité_RUrbanday@aaa copy

Reporter: Cătălina Frâncu
Photo & drawings: Atelier d’Architecture Autogéré


Inclusive Architecture
AMAIS—Case Study on Inclusive Design

amais studiu de caz proiectare incluziva

Text: Teodor Călinoiu, Cătălina Frâncu


The ‘Woman Architect’ in the Communist Period

2_B_Moment informal la ISLGC-1983-București_sursa_Jeni Luchian-Constantinescu
Text: Ilinca Pop


Two Houses: 1925, 1926
Eileen Gray & Henriette Delavrancea-Gibory


Text: Ilinca Pop

A Project by María Luisa Blanco and Lluís Alexandre Casanovas Blanco

02_B_3_B_Lluis Blanco_UMT_foto_Pol Rebaque

Text: Lluís Alexandre Casanovas Blanco
Photo: Pol Rebaque


An Aesthetic Reading of the Inclusive City

04_A_tei toboc02

Text: Daniela Calciu, Ilinca Pop & Cătălina Frâncu


War of Streets and Houses
Sophie Yanow


Review: Cătălina Frâncu


Urban Mode
ADN BA: Tandem Office Building, Bucharest


Text: Ștefan Ghenciulescu
Foto: Vlad Pătru, Ștefan Tuchilă


Mass, Cut-outs, Collage
ADN BA: Apartment complex, Sfinţii Voievozi St., Bucharest


Text: Ștefan Ghenciulescu
Foto: Vlad Pătru, Sabin Prodan


Vinklu: Comun Café, Timișoara, Romania—2022

Vinlu – comun – TM

Text: Ștefan Păvăluţă
Photo: ADMO Studio (Ovidiu Micșa)


Vinklu: HOUSE W17 (2017–2020), Piatra Neamţ, România


Text, photo: Ștefan Păvăluţă


Walls, Membrane, and Everything In Between
Iungo Studio: Apartment in Bucharest


Text, photo: Iungo Studio


Changes of Scale
Narchitektura: Memorial Park of the Former Great Synagogue in Oświęcim


Project: Narchitektura
Text: Levente Szabó
Photo: Piotr Strycharski, Bartosz Haduch


How Can We Make an Architecture School Together?

The Triplex Confinium Educational Project, and the Think Brick Competition

12_A_12_WhatsApp Image 2022-04-13 at 10.09.31 PM

Text: Cristian Bădescu, Irina Tulbure



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