Cultural programs

Zeppelin evenings 26 / BAB 2010

The winners of the Bucharest Architecture Biennale 2010 presented their projects and the ideas behind them. How do they see the directions in which we grow, how to relate to current practice in the west or east, which is the key to success in the Romanian context and any other questions is waiting for the answer in this meeting – debate. 

Zeppelin evenings 25 / Ars Electronica

The most avant-garde contemporary art and technology festival in Europe, with the strangest future projects. Yet this year’s edition of Ars Electronica is speaking about a new philosophy of sustainability. Ideas that could change tomorrow’s corporate world, the architecture of the future and why not yourself. Start the repairs. 

Zeppelin evenings 24 / People meet in architecture

People meet in architecture is the theme of the Venice Biennale – 2010, curated by Kazuyo Sejima, one of the most important figures in contemporary architecture.For this edition, the Japanese curator wants to speak directly about space, transforming the whole event in a live demonstration of architecture’s power to respond to economic, cultural and social changes. Insight, answers, problems or questions about the essence of architecture and the space inhabited by people. 

Zeppelin evenings 23 / Moscow Architecture Biennale

cosmina & constantin goagea
Thursday, 24 June 2010 – Bucharest, French Institute, Elvira Popescu Hall, 77 Dacia blvd.

Kak Zhit? (how do we live?) is the theme of the first edition  of International Architecture Biennale from Moscow, dedicated to post-socialist city.
An analysis of utopias, old or new, a revision of the great architecture discourses and of some stories not at all soft.

Zeppelin evenings 22 / Milano Design Week

20 May 2010 – Bucharest, French Institute, Elvira Popescu Hall, 77 Dacia Blvd

A slight madness and fidgetiness: this year edition of Milano Design Week, fresh presented by Cristina Sabau.

Zeppelin evenings 21 / Magic blocks

Friday, May 14, from 17.00h
Cluj – Cinema Victoria – Bulevardul Eroilor
Speaker: Constantin Goagea

Scenarios for socialist collective housing estates in Bucharest.
When it comes to contemporary urban development Eastern European countries lend themselves to be regarded as a testing ground: their striving to catch up with Western Europe is matched by rapid, often brutal changes.