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Special guest: architect Petr Lešek (Prague) –

June 20, 18:30 – Aula Magna, Central University Library “Carol I”

Libraries, public markets, cultural centers, galleries and museums: they are probably the most desirable projects in an architectural office portfolio. Not only that ensure recognition and publicity value, but because, beyond profit, aesthetic or record, the stakes are political and social transformation.

Zeppelin evenings 40

Borja Ferrater: Light and geometry

Thursday, 24 May – “Carol I” Central University Library of Bucharest

We had a super-invited acclaimed and awarded for its projects made with Office for Architecture in Barcelona: Borja Ferrater. Escher’s worlds, materials and the latest technologies, contemporary inserts in cultural contexts, landscape architecture and computer design are brought together in the work of a famous office.

Zeppelin evenings 39

Robert Marin & Nuca Studio

Thursday, April 26, 18:30 – “Carol I” Central University Library of Bucharest

It seems that the notion of “space” is a fancy term for architects. But this broad concept produces extremely varied representations. And sometimes very far from the architecture. Perhaps the most common place tool in the physical manifestation of architectural space is “the wall” .