Cultural programs

Zeppelin evenings 20 / Structure-spaces

Thursday 29 April
3/4 MNAC art gallery, Bucharest National Theatre 

A special edition of zeppelin with buildings from rough concrete or digged into massive concrete, spatial cells, plots that are too little or too big, insertions into historical texture, outskirts and transitional suburbs.

Zeppelin evenings 19 / Situationist Urbanism

Thursday March 25 from 19h till late
Bucharest, PAVILION UNICREDIT, 1 Nicolae Titulescu (Victoriei Square)

Boundary cities, cities of the future, situationist urbanism, communities and post-utopias. The German architect Wilfried Hackenbroich will tell us how the urbanism can be cool and creative and also about new instruments and concepts and case studies elaborated within the Bauhaus college.

Zeppelin evenings 18 / No Construction

Monday 16 November 16h
Romanian Peasant Museum (Horia Bernea Hall) 
Invitees: Kai Vöckler (Archis Interventions, Berlin), Michael Obrist (Feld 72, Vienna), Ivan Kucina (Belgrad); Justin Baroncea (Point 4, Bucharest)

Zeppelin evenings 17 / LINZ_5/30

Thursday 22 October 19h
bucharest, 10 libertatii blvd

LINZ _ 5/30

Justin Baroncea has been in December to Linz and he will tell us at zeppelin about alternative art and high top quality architecture.

Zeppelin evenings 16

Thursday 1 October from 19h till late 
bucharest, 10 libertatii blvd

We forget about mega programs, mega offices and mega compounds while listening to three stories about high-class architecture.

Zeppelin evenings 15 / StudioBASAR

Thursday 11 June from 20h till late
bucharest, 10 libertatii blvd

On June 11, we were playing search and rescue in an Oriental bazaar with a ghost and a tree with sparrows. Then, we would find many reading keys to understand the sophisticated – though common for us – space of Bucharest.