Cultural programs

Carol Factory – the beginning

Text: Constantin Goagea
Photo: Silviu Dancu, Meta van Drunen

Hesper S.A.. is a factory in the southern part of the central area og Bucharest, formerly known as Wolf, then Steaua Roșie (Red Star) Factory. For over two years now, Zeppelin works, in partnership with Hesper, to a model of rehabilitation for these spectacular buildings built in 1887: two years of research right on the site, in the Netherlands, Norway, Germany and Russia about how such a place can be transformed, meetings and discussions, business plans, strategies and not as the least important, action.

Cities of tomorrow #3: highlights

The third edition of the international forum Cities of Tomorrow, about the connection between mobility, urban development and constructions, brought together top business personalities, people from architecture and administration,

Dwelling together. 6 apartment buildings by DNA BA

Sold out

This walk through Bucharest takes us to visit six places full of life, design and poetry. We discuss smart solutions, space, light, materials, interior design and details, hidden gardens or floating above the city, about homes and about places to socialize with your neighbours.

The buildings designed by ADN BA office on the streets Dogarilor, Măicănești, Petru Rareș, Mora, Aaron Florian and Occidentului are metropolitan insertions, places that seem familiar; they innovate and carry along the culture of dwelling; they celebrate personal expression, and provide a place for community building. These awarded projects or completely novel works are described in depth, not just from the architectural point of view. This is a book about people, who tell us about their homes and the way they live there.

Connected. Things about Future, Cities and People / Exhibition

An exhibition that opened simultaneously in Bucharest, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Bergen:

  • Bucharest (Romania) – National Museum of Contemporary Art – MNAC ( / FB event
  • Amsterdam (Netherlands) – New Energy Docks ( / FB event
  • Bergen (Norway) – City Hall of Bergen ( / FB event
  • Stockholm (Sweden) – Fargfabriken ( / FB event

Impressions from Carol Factory Night

During the White Night of the Art Galleries, in the busiest week of the year – Romanian Design Week – there were so many great events, that only the preparations fever helped us not to panic every time we wondered if the public will get through to the dusty Filaret, from the glamorous city centre. Across from the bus station known especially to those leaving to Basarabia, we had put a new landmark on the map : Carol Factory – the name by which the old industrial areas of Hesper Factory will be reconverted into a cultural and events centre. Perhaps the most beautiful of our project so far, totaling more than two years of efforts with our partners from Eurodite.

Carol Factory Night

powered by Zeppelin & Eurodite

This was our most beautiful project: an afternoon, an evening and a night inside the cultural Carol Factory, a complex event featuring a conference, an exhibition and a film screening. In the center of Bucharest, close to Carol Park, near Filaret train station, we celebrated a victory of cultural initiatives, trademark Zeppelin and Eurodite.