Cultural programs

Zeppelin 50 / Smart Systems – Connected Conference

Speakers :

  • MIGUEL ROLDAN (Roldan + Berengue arqts, Spania)
  • JUAN TRIAS DE BES (TDB Studio, Spania)
  • MIHAI STREZA (BMW, Germania)
  • NEREA CALVILLO (c-arquitectos, Spania / UK)
  • CARLO RATTI (SenseableCity Lab (MIT), USA / Italia)
  • DORIN ȘTEFAN (DSBA, România)

Movie :

  •  Electric Signs by ALICE ARNOLD (SUA)

Zeppelin 49 / Recoveries

Only available in Romania .

Speakers  :

  • Jan Mannaerts (360 Architecten), Belgium 
  • Cosmin Pavel și Cristina Constantin (Abruptarhitectura)
  • Elias Messinas (ECOWEEK), Grecia & Israel
  • Șerban Sturdza (Prodid și Pro Patrimonio)

BEYOND THE CITY – Book, exhibition, debate.

“Beyond the City“ exhibition
Curated by Zeppelin Association, take place at National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest (MNAC) between 25.09 – 25.10.2013

 Exhibition opening, book launch: September 25th, 2013, starting with 18.00h, MNAC

 Professional Conference and debate: October 24th, 2013, 18.00h, MNAC. Prezentation sustained by arch. Stefan Balici, ARA Association (Architecture, Restoration, Archeology), on the theme of rehabilitation and sustainable development strategies for natural and cultural heritage in Romania. Moderator: Stefan Ghenciulescu (Zeppelin).

Beyond the city.

A territorial sketch. Beyond the city and beyond cliches.

We propose a study which concentrates solely on the rural areas of Romania and is devised from a double perspective –focusing on architecture as well as on community.

CONNECTED. Things about future, cities and people

A project by Zeppelin (RO), Archis (NL), Nordic Urban Design Association NUDA (NO), Fargfabriken (SE), Eurodite (RO)

The project investigated the future impact of the new technologies upon the European urbanities. Developing concepts like smart city or smart community, the research revealed the future social and cultural mutations that tend to better valorize individuals and communities together with their human, creative and entrepreneurial potential. As proposed through narrative and dramatized visions, the European space appears like a dense interconnected territory defined by complex rules and sophisticated standards of human interaction. 

Tandem #3

Handbook for the creative industry man: Low-profile and efficient Amsterdam

No more, no less than an entire weekend, I wandered through the hippest places in Amsterdam looking for older or newer industrial areas that have been temporarily converted to accommodate creative projects. My aim was to discover what makes them work ‘over there’ and not yet here, and how come no one takes full advantage of the large scale industrial areas in Bucharest. Amsterdam is abounds of industrial areas of all sorts, from the more red brick shed roofed picturesque ones to those dating from the 70-90’s, built with concrete prefabricated, industrialized components, much resembling the ones from our socialist era.