The barn for all. The riding stables of Sânsimion

Project: Larix Studio
Text: Köllő Miklós
Photo: Köllő Miklós, Szigeti Vajk-István

An exercise in landscape transparency, by which a relatively large volume gets acquainted with the scale of the place, and especially with the cultural landscape in Transylvania’s Székler Region.

Freeing Architecture – Junya Ishigami exhibition – Fondation Cartier, Paris

What would architecture students do without the plans and scale models of Junya Ishigami? It’s hard to be in a studio jury in which you could not recognize the model – detailed, delicate and transparent drawings, ethereal scale models that combine abstraction and reduction to the essence with naturalism.

Case study: Lech am Arlberg becomes a smart ski resort through urban illumination and the reduction in light pollution

(A) The night image of the Lech ski resort has been improved by a new LED lighting concept. Zumtobel in cooperation with Dieter Bartenbach, the consultant specialist, has developed a customized outdoor illumination solution, providing a new image both to the town of Lech, and to the river bearing the same name. A specially-created control system adjusts the light levels depending on the time of day or night, for lighting conditions to be perfect at any time.

Courtyard under a tree. Loft transformation in a listed building, London

Project: RoundRobin studio
Text: Anca Mihalache
Photo: Radu Malașincu

A bit of history

The main part of original building was built in around 1825, as the Haberdashers’ Almshouses. Later in the 19c the building was used as a school, and in 1898 this was purchased by the London County Council for use as Shoreditch Technical Institute.

3rd generation infrastructure. Michi no eki- Roadside Station and community building in Mashiko, Japan

Project: Mount Fuji Architecture Studio
Text: Masahiro Harada
Foto: Mitsumasa Fujitsuka & Mount Fuji Architects Studio

Black House in Uptown Bucharest. YTAA: The Museum of Recent Art

Text: Ștefan Ghenciulescu
Photo: Cosmin Dragomir

Romania suffers from a terrible lack of museums. Not only are there few museums made, if any; more than 100 museums or memorial houses have disappeared over the twenty-something years, especially through retrocessions (and out of the authorities’ lack of interest in purchasing them). Under these conditions, a new museum, especially a museum of modern and contemporary art, is an event. Should true architecture also show up there, so much the better.

“Meetings”. An Installation within the Walls of the Alba Iulia Citadel

Text: Dorin Ștefan Adam, Elena Viziteu
Photo: Laurian Ghinițoiu

Most tourists and Alba Iulia locals taking a stroll through the magnificent Vauban citadel are happy with the main public spaces – plazas and streets. Few of them realise that the place is much richer and much more complex – a sophisticated and labyrinthine system of spaces, with wide arched halls within the walls, passages leading to places that are undisclosed on a first walk.

Gellu Naum’s Comana House

Text: Mihai Duțescu
Foto: Andrei Mărgulescu, Mihai Duțescu
Plans: survey by the students of the atelier of Prof. Mircea Ochinciuc, 3rd year, Ion Mincu University, Bucharest, 2009-2010; assistants: Melania Dulămea, Mihia Duțescu, Adrian Moleavin

Edito: Cars over School

Text & photos by Ștefan Ghenciulescu

Let’s say you have an overcrowded school (grades 1 to 12), with limited space for games and sports in two small schoolyards. How do you go about it? Easy: You convert the front schoolyard into a teachers’ parking lot. And you do it properly, neatly marking the parking places with paint. The children can go on playing there, you don’t forbid it, but they will have to adapt their games, squeezing between the cars.

A Constant Gardener. Laura Paraschiv – Circa 1703-3701 & Mà Bistro

Laura Paraschiv is an architect. She collects objects and cultivates them in Circa 1703-3701 (Precinct 1703-3701), the place in Bucharest where you can find unique pieces of design from all ages.

Report: Dorothee Hasnas
Photo: Cătălin Georgescu, Ioana Pârvan

Firemen Museum, fire prevention center Barcelona. Renovation of the Old Poble Sec Fire Station

The architects’ deliberate lyricism-devoid text (below) is missing any reference to aesthetics or “philosophy”. However, when I visited the (yet unfinished, at the time) museum with Miguel Roldán, I felt it as a poetry-filled project, even yielding a slight dream-like character: the light turns almost material, the same bright colour is layered over new and old elements, to which we may add the delicate articulations and curved gaps cut in the old walls, and even the repetition and obsessive overlapping of vertical metal items.

Consolidating the margin. Protected workshops in the former mess hall of the Technical School of Aviation, Mediaș

The former Technical School of Aviation from the outskirts of the town of Mediaș, at the exit towards Sighișoara, was about to be degraded into disappearance. However, lately, it has been changing functions, some buildings are disappearing, others are rehabilitated, new buildings pop up. A social program – protected workshops for vulnerable people – has found a place in the former mess hall. ADP’s project is an example of reinventing a construction, but also of re-densifying the town’s outskirts, of building a public pole as well as an argument in favour of limiting the uncontrolled expansion of the town.