zeppelin magazine | no #133


Zeppelin magazine #133

19. Editor’s: Panoptes in the city
Text: Cosmin Caciuc / Photo: Ștefan Tuchilă

stefan Tuchila - Ultimul etaj -Radiodifuziunea-Panorama

22. WWAA + 307 Kilo: Place for Arts, but also a Farm in the City
>  Sluzewski Cultural Centre in Warsaw makes a reference to the traditional farms as an ethical approach to architecture, oriented to the urban context.


30. Attila Wenczel – Parasite Studio: The Slightly Twisted Box
>  Dental clinic on the outskirts of Timisoara

Parasite -dentalext2

34. gutgut: Socialist Blocks and Integral Rehabilitation
>  A socialist block of flats in Slovakia reinvents itself not only at exterior by a new facade, but also at interior by a new layout.


40. Blanka Zlamalová / Studio Zlamal: Reconstructed Tower
>  A former silo in the Czech Republic becomes a building office
Zlamal - turnul

44. Planwerk: Cluj. Therapy for the city of Cluj. The new General Urban Plan
> The recently approved General Plan for Cluj is a product of this evolution to work with the Romanian city in transition. An article about responsible pragmatism and dialogue.

Cluj _Unirii_12

54. Sou Fujimoto Architects: Many Small Cubes
>  Sou Fujimoto built in Paris a house-as-a-tree, a landscape for dwelling formed by metallic pixels.
Text: Ștefan Ghenciulescu

Sou Fujimoto -installation1

60. Sebastian Irarrázaval: Pavilion 120
>  A covered space at the School of Architecture at the Catholic University of Chile

Pavilionul 120

63. Urban Report
64.  From Docks to Art Gallery, by Urban Archeology
> A multi-purpose area accessible to the public in Belgium


68.  Fine Young Urbanists!: Mierīgi!
> 1:1 scale model of public space in Riga


71. Design & More
72.  Tommy Forsgren: Cross-fertilization of Ideas at DesignworksUSA
> Interview with an industrial designer
Reporter: Cosmin Caciuc

desinworks - Tommy Forsgren

75. Connected
88. Thorsten Klooster, Heike Klussmann: Electricity, Light and Concrete  
> Concrete capable of producing electric energy or light effects

TouchCrete – Conductive Concrete

80. MADE Expo 2015 Milano: Beyond the Trade Fair, an Education and Innovation Opportunity  
> International event in the building sector in Italy
Text: Irina Rotaru
MadeExpo - hala4 - build smart

84. Cities of Tomorrow 2015: About Mobility, Every which Way
> Conference on mobility seen simultaneously in relation to the city and the economy
Text: Ștefan Ghenciulescu
cities of tomorrow 3 -workshop

90. A Preview to the 2015 Universal Exhibition
 > Essential stakes, pride, hopes and worries… and a questionable sustainability. Irina Rotaru wrote from Milan.

expozitia universala 2015 - preview

Editor’s: Panoptes in the City

Text: Cosmin Caciuc
Photo: Ștefan Tuchilă

Google Glass has been stirring up the media. However, it didn’t have the expected commercial success from a social and psychological reason: the fear of being watched when you don’t want to, plus the embarrassing moments when you ask your interlocutor with the cyborg device on his face: “Is that thing recording right now?” And we’ll just let slide the glasshole nickname attributed in urban dictionaries to these gadget carriers.

april 2015