zeppelin magazine | no #134


Zeppelin magazine #134

 19. Editor’s: Popcorn & revolution
Text: Ștefan Ghenciulescu

Editorial - fantana-popcorn-universitate

22. Éric Gauthier: From Cars to People and Community
>  A former gas station in southwest of Montreal, designed by Mies van der Rohe in 1966, was converted into a youth and senior activity centre.

Mies van der Rohe gas station

28. Point 4: Furniture Becomes Space
>  An apartment in a socialist block of flats in Bucharest. Small area, even smaller budget, a rigid structure that didn’t allow changes in partition. Therefore, the simple built-in furniture made of wood agglomerate pannels is turned into a design mechanism – it shapes limits, places, finishes, and the expression.

point4 - Zoom_P4_01-2

32. DOSSIER: Norwegian Artists at Carol Factory
>  Marit Haugen (Haugen/Zohar Arkitekter), Erland Blakstad Haffner, Finn Eirik Modahl & Arne Revheim will create on May 22nd a path with art installations and design in the outdoor spaces of the factory. This dossier is an introduction to the artistic world of these authors

norvegieni intro -Haugen - zohar

> 32. Intro
Text: Cosmina Goagea

> 34. Haugen / Zohar Arkitekter

  • 34. Cave for Kids

norvegieni - cave for kids

  • 36. Micro conversion

norvegieni - micro conversie


> 39. Erlend Blakstad Haffner

  • 39. Walking Berlin

norvegieni - walking berlin

  • 41. Cardboard Cloud

norvegieni - cardboard cloud

  • 42. New Utøya

norvegieni - Utoya

> 46. Finn Eirik Modahl & Arne Revheim

  • 46. Javel

norvegieni - Javel

  • 47. Konglo


  • 48. SOL/Pulse

norvegieni -SOL Modahl Lars Svenkerud 2

50. DOSSIER: Juri Troy Architects  – 3 houses
> This is critical regionalism and ecology for real and not as a fancy discourse. But the houses designed in Austria by Juri Troy′s team are much more than this: wood in all shapes and sizes is stretched to the limit in order to creat perfectly modern spaces and expressive images.

Juri Troy_1

> 51. Intro
Text: Ștefan Ghenciulescu

  • 52. 37m in Hohenems

Juri Troy_2

  • 58. House under the Oaks

Juri Troy_3

  • 62. The House on the Mountain

Juri Troy_4

67. Urban Report

  • 68. Asociaţia Komunitas & studioBASAR: Neighbour(hood)s in Bucharest

> Reading a place in order to transform it. A tar¬geted social and anthropological research in Bucharest – Tineretului, Timpuri Noi, Tei.
Text: Miruna Tîrcă, Vlad Cătună, Alex Axinte, Cristi Borcan

cartier Bucuresti -Timpuri Noi_Pescari pe Dambovita

77. Design & More

  • 78. LX Factory:

> A former industrial site in Lisbon transformed in a crea¬tive island
Text: Roger Mor

Open day 10 LX factory lisboa portugal

81. The Oslo School of Architecture and Design: Inverted House, Hokkaido
> The winning project of the Lixil International University Architectural Competition for an experimental house
Text: Laura Cristea
inverted house hokkaido -ENTRANCE SUMMER

85. Point 4: VI_IT
> Lighting objects made from recycled materials
Text: Justin Baroncea

Point 4- VI_IT - lampi reciclate

89. Connected

  • 90. Blaze: Laser for Bycicles

> Signaling nocturnal cyclists on the road

blaze laser for bikes

  • 92. Zumtobel Group Year of Light Event 2015

Dornbirn 2015 Fa. Firma Zumtobel Lichttechnik, Thorn, Ausstellung Praesentation

  • 93. Artéria: Mind Maps, Critique and Participation

> A virtual platform and an urban installation in Lisbon


Editor’s: Revolution and popcorn

Text: Ștefan Ghenciulescu

The fountain in Bucharest University Square is not really a great artistic achievement. But it is a place, one of the very few focal points and hubs of life and identity in a city where genuine public spaces, used as such, are almost nonexistent. There′s also a huge symbolic and civic value in this spot. People died here during the Revolution of 1989 and during the conflicts with the miners (the so-called Mineriads), crowds still gather here for demonstrations, individuals come here on a daily basis, to discuss, to meet or simply to rest. Of course, those perimetral water jets installed by the City Hall from a few years ago, that drench you as soon as you sit, destroyed much of the quality of the place, but it dwelt on. It even resisted the initiative of the same City Hall to replace the fountain with a banal refurbishment.

May 2015