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Zeppelin magazine #132

15. Editor’s: The Mayor I Wish We Had
Text: Ștefan Ghenciulescu

edito -Svante_Myrick

16. Antonini + Darmon: Blended into the Context
>  Located on a naval wasteland in Nantes, this project configures 24 collective social housing units, 6 individual dwellings and a restaurant.

Antonini Darmon architects_Nantes_P1416_139

26. Wizja & nsMoonStudio: Structure, Contrast and Symbol
>  Centre for the Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor in Krakow

Wizja & nsMoonStudio -Cricoteka_0070

32. KOBFUJI Architects: Fusion. 2 Japanese Restaurants in Barcelona
>  Yoi Yoi Gion Barcelona & Tokyo Sushi Gràcia

KOBFUJI Architects Fusion

36. C+S Architects: School & Community
>  Chiarani Primary School, Italy

C+S-scoala Chiarano

41. C+S Architects: School & Experiment
>  Fontaniva School Center, Italy

C+S-scoala si experiment

46. TECTO Arhitectura: The House in the Woods  
>  This is one of the quite rare examples of pas¬sive dwellings and, actually, of contemporary wooden architecture, in Romania. The house gently adapts to the slope and grows around an interior garden.

Tecto - casa din padure

54. cepezed architects: Creative Cluster, History and Industrial Atmosphere
>  Reconversion of the former Museum of Technology at the Ezelsveldlaan, Delft


60. Anne Lacaton & Jean Philippe Vassal: Transparency and Flexibility
>  FRAC – Regional Contemporary Artwork Collection – located on the northern site of Dunkerque, France, in an old boat warehouse, creates a double of this warehouse, of the same dimension, attached to the existing building, containing the program under a light and bioclimatic envelope.

Lacaton - Vassal - Frac

69. Urban Report

  • 70. IPoP: Cities Belong to Pedestrians!

> Pedestrian-friendly places are vital for urbanity
Text: Marko Peterlin, IPoP

UR -Cities-to-Pedestrians-3

  • 74. On Neutral Spaces: The New Life of the Soviet Library Network

> SVESMI, an office for architecture, urban¬ism and cultural programming based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, has been investigating the potential of the Moscow library network – one of the largest in the world – looking into possibilities for its preserva¬tion, re-organisation, and subsequent upgrade.
Text: James Taylor-Foster, Anastassia Smirnova, Alexander Sverdlov

UR -14_Library No.127 at night © Frans Parthesius

81. Design & More

  • 82. Between North and South: the River Valley as a Restructuring Element

Dâmbovița River could become a strategic element for rebalancing Bucharest’s uneven development
Text: Claudiu Forgaci

Dambovita 0_Delta

87. Connected

  • 88. HoloLens: The Holographic Life

> The first holographic computer from Microsoft, related with Windows 10, alters our very notion of reality: digital content will be mixed with the physical objects around us.
Text: Cosmin Caciuc

Connected -HoloLens_MixedWorld_LivingRoom_LongBrowser


  • 91. LIKEarchitects: Kinematix

> Interior design and a flexible system of sliding doors

connected - Kinematix

  • 94. LIKEarchitects: wonderWall

> Exhibition space in a shopping mall from Lisbon

Connected - wonderwall


Editor’s: The Mayor I Wish We Had

Text: Ștefan Ghenciulescu

Svante Myrick is 27 years old and he has been for three years the Mayor of Ithaca , New York. He sold his car and speaks enthusiastically about the dense city, accesible on foot. He also balanced the budget, brought investors and cut down taxes, and his city recorded the highest job‑growth rate in the state.

There is a kind of bias rooted around here, including among many architects: that if you pay a little more attention to ecology, public transport and bicycles you suddenly are against development, old fashioned, romantic, idealistic, utopian and so on. Of course, this is due to some passionate and occasionally naive standpoints, and also because criticism is still not accompanied by alternative proposals.

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