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Zeppelin #152


Edito: Cars over School
Text & photo: Ștefan Ghenciulescu

18. Dossier:
Houses with Public

14. Intro
Text: Ştefan Ghenciulescu

18.The Headquarters of the OAR Bucharest Branch

44. (Also) Facing the Canal
Medical clinic in Cluj

58. The Good Compromise
Medeuropa Clinic, Constanţa

72. Our Lord in the Attic
The hidden church of Amsterdam

82. The Museum of Recent Art
Black House in Uptown Bucharest

Text: Ştefan Ghenciulescu

The recently-inaugurated Museum of Recent Art has aroused much enthusiasm, and, one needs to say, also many controversies. This is a private museum, modest in size, but with strong ambitions, including architectural ones. The ‘recent’ part first refers to the collection’s temporal coverage: Romanian art, since the post-Stalinist period until today. International art is however also present, mainly through temporary exhibitions. The museum is much more open and accessible than most old-type museums in Romania, and includes a library, as well as other spaces for culture and the city.

96. Visiting a Clever, Cheerful Man. The “Anton Pann” Memorial House in Bucharest

Proiect: Zeppelin
Text: Constantin Goagea

Old Bucharest remains visible to this day in the irregularity of many streets and in the architectural typology of some houses. Next to the Stelian-Lucaci church, somewhere close to Calea Călărași, there lies one of those pieces of town where one can still find, in the path of streets and property limits, the 19th-century specific urban model: small houses, showing off plaster decorations, not aligned to the street, built on garden plots, whose green can be seen from the pavement, reminiscent of what used to be the old neighbrorhoods, namely a mixture of countryside and town.

Anton Pann’s house in the Lucaci parish, that we are speaking of, on the street which now bears his name (it used to be Bull’s Street), is a small and simple house itself, modestly decorated, with an intimate courtyard; yet different from the neighbouring ones, as Anton Pann would move his printing shop here, a rather improvised one, but in which he managed to print his most important works.

108. Apartment Parties
Before and (a little) after 1989

114. ZOOM

116. Cultural Centre and Auditorium
The Politehnica University, Bucharest

134. AIRBNB Dwelling in a Rationalist Block of Flats, Bucharest

138. Closed and Quiet

P31. House, Moșniţa Nouă

146. Roman Catholic Parish, Orșova, 1976
Architect Hans Fackelmann, sculptor Péter Jecza, painter Gabriel Popa

164. The Long House of Crucea

178. Bucharest‑South
The Other City. Places and Stories from Bucharest‑South

198 – 224: PLANS

dec. 2018 - feb. 2019