zeppelin magazine | no #151


Zeppelin #151


14. Edito: How many citizens per square metre?
Text: Cosmina Goagea

18. DOSSIER: At the Margin

20. Intro
Consolidation, acupuncture, experiment
Text: Ștefan Ghenciulescu


28. 3rd Generation Infrastructure
Michi no eki—Roadside Station and community building in Mashiko, Japan


44. Consolidating the Margin
Protected workshops in the former mess hall of the Technical School of Aviation, Mediaș


56. The Barn for All
The riding stables of Sânsimion


72. Positive‑Negative
Zumárraga Interpretation Center for La Antigua Chapel


85. Interview with Bogdan Pandele, real estate developer in Bucharest

88. Republic of Architects
Interventions and discussions about living in the periphery


98. Densifying the Margins
Patio house, Bucureștii Noi neighborhood


104. In the Countryside, Now
Dwelling in the Ordoreanu village

108. Urbanity at the Periphery
Individual housing development, Voluntari


122. Gated communities at the periphery of Bucharest. A domestic landscape
Text: Andreea Matache


130. South of South
A look beyond the Bucharest beltway
Text: Mihai Duţescu


140. Urbanizing the Periphery
Mahalas, suburbs and 1811 New York


154. So That It Holds
Text: Cosmin O. Gălăţianu


158. Meșteshukar Butiq
From craft to modern design and back
Text: Dorothee Hasnas


166. ZOOM

168. Play Taken Seriously
The American Kindergarten, Bucharest
Text: Andrei Mărgulescu


180. Attempts, Failures, Trials and Errors
An attempt at design reconstruction
Text: Ioana Popescu & Tincuţa Heinzel

188. Interview with Josep Congost, Design director at Roca Design Center & Innovation Lab

192. Alt
A Raw typeface
Text: Radu Manelici

198 – 224. PLAN
A collection of plans

Sept - Nov. 2018