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Zeppelin #153 (spring 2019)



10. Edito: Zeus. There is unrest in the city
Text: Mugur Grosu

…how nice it would be if, on their first day of work, city managers would play such a game. They could take it easy, but at least learn their ABC-s. For no one was born a city mayor, but everyone believed they were Zeus and turned out to be the Hydra.

Modest Houses. The Architecture of Affordability

14. Intro
Text: Ştefan Ghenciulescu

If you browse architecture magazines and websites looking for housing, the first thing you see is villas in different sizes. And I don’t refer to design magazines that target a general public, but specialized, professional ones. The second thing is expensive housing which is not villas—most prominently, luxury apartments, as well as holiday homes that cost more than a regular permanent one. And third, quite surprisingly, is social housing, ranging from subsidized to extreme emergency housing. Therefore, architecture appears to be either the privilege of wealth or, at the other end of the spectrum, of crushing need. How is it that “middle architecture,” the type of construction that dominates most of today’s world, is so poorly represented?

18. Ants House
Project: Adriana Gheorghiescu & Alexandra Berdan

32. Fala Atelier: a Creative Mixture of Existing Things
An Interview with Filipe Magalhães, Ana Luisa Soares & Ahmed Belkhodja

39. Arlequin Apartment

44. House and Atelier

52. Small House with a Monumental Shower

58. Passive Mediterranean Living
BXD Arquitectura: MG House

L’atelier: Small Urban Dwellings

Capsule Apartment

“Mon Oncle” Minimal

Garçonnière Voyeuriste

House in a House

76. Seven Large Houses
Igual & Guggenheim: Social Dwellings

84. Four Walls and a Roof.
The Complex Nature of a Simple Profession
A book by Reinier de Graaf

100. The Engineer and the Affordable Dwelling
Henri Coandă’s Forgotten Systems

112. History for the Residents (Too)
Bucharest’s the Building Fund Lotissements

126. At Home on the Road
Text: Elena Stancu
Foto: Cosmin Bumbuţ

A Journalist and a Photographer Moved into a Campervan to Be Able to Do Their Jobs

134. On Housing
An Exhibition and an Open Debate

146. ZOOM

148 .The Second House
STARH: Holiday Home in Căldăruşani

152. The B‑Lay HQ
Design through Process and Serious Games

158. Changes in a Part of the City
Recent and Future Projects at the “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture (UAUIM)

163. UAUIM “Museum”



180. Modul Cărtureşti
A Cultural Site between Two Courtyards and a Portico

196 – 224. PLANS

spring 2019