zeppelin magazine | no #150


Zeppelin #150


8. Edito: What is a pink hippopomingo?
Text: Mugur Grosu

10. DOSSIER: The Other Architects

18. Intro
The Other Architects: The Not‑Only‑Architects and the Non‑architects Who Make Architecture
Text: Ștefan Ghenciulescu


26. Architects of Dreams
Around the Pink Floyd. Their Mortal Remains exhibition
Text: Ștefan Ghenciulescu


34. Vlad Bina: Design for a Virtual World. And then back


50. Laura Paraschiv. The Constant Gardener
REPORTER: Dorothee Hasnas


60. Alexandria, Pink Floyd, architecture, Bucharest, literature
Text: Mihai Duțescu


64. Jack‑of‑All‑Trades and the Right Price
A selfie with Dorothee Hasnas, architect and cultural manager


69. Mihai Coliban: Once an Architect, Always an Architect


72. Oana Bogdan: I’m More of an Architect Now Than I Was Before


76. Gellu Naum’s Comana House
Text: Mihai Duțescu


84. Vienna 1928—Wittgenstein House
Architecture as Reflection
Text: Horia Marinescu


94. The Other Architect—an Archive of the Natural
Homage to my grandfather, Antonie Beșliu
Text: Alexandru Cristian Beșliu

98. ZOOM

100. Two Gardens, One Artist, One Studio
Text: DAAA


108. Junya Ishigami
An exhibition and a pavilion
Text: Corina Laza, Junya Ishigami


138. Firemen Museum, Fire Prevention Center BCN
Renovation of the Old Poble Sec Fire Station
Text: José Miguel Roldán, Merce Berengué


152. Glory and Humility
Restauration of the Craiova Branch Headquarters of the National Bank of Romania
Text: Ștefan Ghenciulescu


160. Bolșoi, Garage, Moscova
Text: Constantin Goagea


166. Layers Instead of Boxes and Objects
Apartament AP_10MS, București
Text: Ștefan Păvăluță


174. Courtyard Under a Tree
Loft transformation in a listed building, London
Text: Anca Mihalache


182. 2 BM
Text: Justin Baroncea


190. From Model‑House to the Ideal Villa
The winning project of the „Imagine Dumbrava Vlăsiei” competition
Text: Cosmin Georgescu, Alexandru Cristian Beșliu, Laura Cristea, Cosmin O. Gălățianu, Horia Munteanu


194 – 224. PLAN
A collection of plans

June - August 2018