zeppelin magazine | no #149


Zeppelin #149

Zeppelin update

We worked on our bookazine formula. It’s even more of a book than before, yet still connected, fresh and rich, as a magazine should be.
The format is just a bit smaller, just to better fit in a casual bag, be lighter and also easier to read in bed or at your desk, even if it will have more pages now, 224!

The dossier rules: it takes about two thirds of the issue and aims to become a reference for the chosen subject.

There are even more large photos and almost only original texts, a lot of research and analysis, but also poetry and quite different viewpoints.

Orientation will be easier as well as choosing how deep you want to go in any material. That’s mainly because we moved all technical drawings—plans and details—in a separate section. But cross‑references between this drawing part and the main article are highly visible. Articles thus become more accessible, without losing their depth and professional elements.

Starting from now, an even more serious and merry publication. And one with the things that remain.

8. Edito: Starts by 2 bits per second at 1800, but ends by a hologram featuring 3 strange buildings
TEXT: Constantin Goagea

10. DOSSIER: Modern?


14. Intro
On Continuity
TEXT: Ştefan Ghenciulescu

26. Intro Uwe Schröder
TEXT: Cosmin O. Gălăţianu


28. Galerie und Atelierhaus, Bonn


36. Haus Hundertacht, Bonn


44. Prager Höfe, Bonn


52. Intro Tony Fretton
TEXT: Alexandru Cristian Beşliu


54. Reconciliation: Commercial and Housing Complex, Tietgens Grund, Frederiksstaden, Copenhaga


64. Westkaai Towers 5 & 6


70. Paolo Zermani. Intro: „Cio che dura poco non e architettura.”
TEXT: Alexandru Cristian Beşliu

72. The Cemetery of Sansepolcro


80. Putting Things in Place.
Interventions in Sacred Spaces


90. The Temple‑Crematorium


98. The Restoration and Reconstruction of the Novara Castle


106. Intro Sergison Bates
TEXT: Cosmin O. Gălăţianu

108. Social housing and crèche, Geneva, Switzerland


116. Care Home


126. Garden Building


132. Visualising Evolution
Ştefan Davidovici


142. A New Form of Beauty
Or about enlightened conservatism
TEXT: Ştefan Ghenciulescu

143. To Washington
TEXT: GM Cantacuzino


152. Extension of the “Partium” ChristianUniversity of Oradea
Atelier FKM


164. ZOOM

166. A Moment’s Joy
Holiday Housing, Moltenia
Anca Mihaela Constantin, Ionuţ Constantin


178. Collective Authorship
Private histories of public architecture

182. Meetings
An Installation within the walls of the Alba Iulia Citadel
Dorin Ştefan Adam, Elena Viziteu


188. Ubikubi—The Latest Collection

192 – 224. PLAN
A collection of plans


March - May 2018